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Women in the UK 'more than twice as likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth as many European countries

Women in the UK are more than twice as likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth as those in Poland, Austria or Belarus, according to research. 160 more words

6 things I hate about baby making 

1. Weight gain.  Whether it’s the meds or the comfort eating, I can’t avoid it.

2. It’s not fair!  My pity party is getting old, I need to feel happy for Kate and her 2nd baby Charlott,e. 121 more words


Over 200 women rescued from Boko Haram are pregnant

At least 214 young women and girls recently rescued from Boko Haram in north-eastern Nigeria are pregnant, the UN Population Fund said on Monday.

Nigeria’s army freed almost 7 000 women from various Boko Haram camps last week. 148 more words


once around the sun

I’m increasingly nostalgic as E’s birthday approaches. Today, May 4, was my due date. I watched it come and go and then spent another two weeks living in the surreal state of waiting and getting huger. 1,071 more words

Single Mom By Choice

Is it really worth it? (IntelliGender Gender Prediction Kit REVIEW)

I spent so much time watching YouTube videos with all the excited moms-to-be taking their test and getting their results (9 time out of 10 they were boy results)! 95 more words


Cravings & Nausea

A few days ago I announced that I am expecting my 4th child. Though it’s really early on in my pregnancy it’s already soooo different from my other three. 553 more words