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Pregnancy put me in an unstable position: I had dreams about my future, which now seem undoable. Have I accepted it? Not really, not yet, not fully. 413 more words


Do I Dare?

Two in one day, aren’t you lucky!

Over the weeks I’ve been watching lots and lots of awareness videos on EDS and the one thing I have not come across during my searches was EDS and pregnancy.  446 more words

Living With Invisible Illness

Maternity Shots

These two are actually sisters, shot at different times.  I’ve done a few pregnancy shoots, and the goal for me is to capture not just the rounded beautiful bodies, but the love and expectation that these women feel.



Model Karolina Kurkova Doesn't Have a Belly Button--Why?

Innie or outie? We all have belly buttons. It’s the way we were fed in utero by our mothers, of course. So how in the world does Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova not have one? 228 more words


How did Kate look so Great?

It is a question posed by the Daily Mail in their article…….

How Did Kate Look So Great

Whilst I agree that HRH the Duchess of Cambridge did look ‘fabulous’ as she left the hospital 10 hours after giving birth, I would like to remind all those who have given birth or are due to give birth and are now feeling like they should or should have looked just as ‘great as Kate’ to stop putting pressure on themselves! 174 more words


It Takes a Village | Healing in Community

You have probably heard the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” There is profound truth in that statement, and I am extremely thankful both for the village that raised me and the one helping to raise my children. 1,147 more words


Getting my life back

I can’t remember the exact schedule of the light therapy (PUVA I think it was called) I was receiving to treat the guttate psoriasis that covered most of my body. 245 more words