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yoga and birth

I practised prenatal yoga through all three of my pregnancies. As I lay in bed last Thursday with Pearly, I sent my yoga teacher a text message briefly outlining Pearl’s labour and birth for her to read out to my fellow preggy ladies during class that night. 341 more words

Pregnancy + Birth

Grace Under Pregnancy: Responding to Horror Stories

We’ve all heard the horror stories. The homebirth turned cesarean. The induction gone wrong. The horrible hemorrhage. Cracked and bleeding nipples. Breastfeeding sabotaged by circumstances. And more. 463 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

the pause

This familiar place. The pause between worlds. This one and that. The old and the new. The end of one, the beginning of another.

Mindless, yet strangely mindful in this lonesome woman’s space.  19 more words


A post for posterity

Thing 2 has arrived, at 9:37 on 21st May, and we have decided to call her Matilda Jane. With that and James, I guess people could be forgiven for thinking that we’re Roald Dahl fanatics, though that thought only occurred to me later. 1,024 more words

Life Of James

7 things I learned from my miscarriage

Being pregnant and raising a toddler at the same time is not an easy task. And when things turn bad during pregnancy, it will make things even harder to deal with when you have another child that needs full on attention. 650 more words


an external cephalic version or ECV

I don’t know that I posted much about my experience last pregnancy with Pixie. I felt very insular and private during that pregnancy. This time around I have faced many of the same dilemmas and realised that by speaking out about my feelings they become a whole lot easier to manage. 1,762 more words


I'd like a natural birth... but...

I had prenatal yoga last night. I feel like a bit of an old mother goose in my class at times – the majority of the women are having their first babies. 728 more words