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I'd like a natural birth... but...

I had prenatal yoga last night. I feel like a bit of an old mother goose in my class at times – the majority of the women are having their first babies. 728 more words


The day after tomorrow

It’s a little bit weird knowing the exact day that you’re going to give birth. Certainly a different experience from last time. In 48 hrs I will, theoretically, be holding Thing 2 in my arms. 1,088 more words

Life Of James

Pregnancy and New Born Shoot

Documenting your pregnancy is something that most women love to do but how far do you go to get that perfect shot frozen in time? Well this time around seeing as it is probably the last time that I will be pregnant I decided that I wanted to have the shots done professionaly instead of done with a self timer! 741 more words

Katy Pullinger

FAQ 22 - How do I overcome fear in Pregnancy?

I need your help on how to overcome fear in pregnancy as I’m facing it on a daily basis. I pray and it eases only for a new fear to take its place. 

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Nerida Walker

Vaginal examinations: a symptom of a cervical-centric birth culture

This post is about routine vaginal examinations (VE) during physiological birth ie. an uncomplicated birth without any medical intervention. The VE is a useful assessment in… 2,021 more words


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I have never been one for lots of cervical exams. As a nurse and a midwife I see them as something to be used only when necessary. They are uncomfortable and really have little bearing on the plan of care. Its crazy the numbers of exams women are forced to endure before and during labor. I had two cervical checks during my pregnancy. One when I arrived at the hospital with a ruptured water bag and another three days later when I said in the midst of labor "i think the baby's coming" and I was ready to push. One of my biggest pet peeves is the prenatal cervical check. I am always on a soap box about how unnecessary they are. They are painful and can be very damaging psychologically for a woman. Most women leave there prenatal appointment after a cervical check saying "my cervix is still posterior :-(" as if that is a problem when its perfectly normal. This great post goes into the labor cervical exam and how unnecessary they are. Its a good read.

craft as meditation

In most other tasks I am easy to distract. My mind is a wandering beast, untamed and largely unmanageable.

But absorbed in craft, it softens. It counts: slowly, rhythmically, soothingly. 219 more words


50 shades of meh

So tired of…

  • Not sleeping
  • Not being allowed any useful medications
  • Getting back-ache from 5 minutes of ironing
  • Wanting to sit down after 5 minutes of walking anywhere…
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