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Is it the clumpy way he walks?

Hooray! I saw Babs Woodhouse today at my 36 week bump-prodding appointment. She was my favourite midwife when I was pregnant with James but this is the first time I’ve seen her this time. 671 more words

Life Of James

Grace Under Pregnancy: Responding to Negativity

We’ve all seen those blog posts listing all the hilarious, snarky retorts we can have at our disposal when well-intentioned people make comments about our pregnancy, parenting, or birth choices. 788 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

Healing Birth Trauma

Being informed about birth is a great way to prevent a lot of trauma, as is having providers who treat you, the birth process and our baby with respect – but regardless, it is possible at any time. 632 more words


letting go: the extensive lessons of motherhood

I stand in the kitchen chopping up pumpkin to roast and feel my baby kicking: low in my pelvis.

Instead of feeling elated at my baby saying hello, I feel drained. 718 more words


Thanks for all the fish

Well… this is me skipping off into the sunset.  It’s my last day at work for a year – and I ran out of handover-ish things to do by mid-afternoon so have slipped away early. 453 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

and I find myself thinking...

What will it be like?

When I went from one baby to two, I found it a much more difficult adjustment that I had imagined. Those that read this blog will know that my number two, the Pixie, was aptly nicknamed due to her mischievous ways – both in and out of the womb… so… 317 more words


winding down, paring back...

I ran a workshop today (I am a trainer with a not-for-profit in my other life outside this parenting game) and found myself completely tongue-tied trying to find words and phrases that I use on a daily basis. 223 more words