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that quiet magic

I went to my prenatal yoga class last night. I have to drag myself there most weeks. I’m tired and there’s chaos abound at home at that time of night – kids needing baths and cuddles and dinners and a couch or bed… 478 more words


Meanwhile back on the farm

Anyone who spends a lot of time around 3 year olds must have a very high tolerance for pedantic nerdery. There is no stickler like a pre-schooler on their specialist topic. 1,736 more words

Life Of James

you're massive!

(and other things best avoided in dialogue directed at a pregnant woman.)

You’re pregnant. You’ve spent the better part of the morning going through your wardrobe trying to find something to wear, hurling pants and tops over your shoulder and onto the floor. 568 more words


From heaven to hell and back again: an eventful couple of weeks

The 16 days since Moses’ birth have raced by at an alarming speed. My beautiful little boy is already over 1lb heavier than his birth weight, and changing fast. 2,198 more words


Candy girl

Good evening, dear blog. I must say it seems like eons since I was feeling all rosy-eyed and chirpy and full of the joys of second-trimester up the duffage. 1,479 more words

Life Of James

My Healing Home Waterbirth - 4th Baby (Born In Sac)

When we found out we were were expecting our fourth baby in 2010, we began looking into where we wanted to birth. Well, ok *I* did and my husband, Kris, enjoyed the ride. 2,832 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

Working While Pregnant

by Honolulu Mother

This was an interesting read, despite the provocative title:

Should You Bring Your Unborn Baby to Work?

We’ve discussed maternity/paternity leave before, but this one focuses on the question of taking time off or going to lighter duties in late pregnancy.