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Recovery from a C-Section

Before this, I have never read up or bothered to find out more about c-section. I have planned to use the epidural as soon as I could and I even told my gynae not to lower the epidural dosage during the pushing stage because I didn’t want to feel any pain. 929 more words


Breasts are Cheaper!

Breasts are cheaper? Gotcha, pervert. I’m not talking about implants here, I’m talking about breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. I LOVE to break down costs in regards to the hot button issues the “sanctimommies” bring up because, let’s face it…money is important to all of us.  302 more words

Chelsea Vail


My body feels different.  My body looks different.  Looking at it, it’s a whole new terrain, a whole new assortment of textures.  Moving inside it, it holds itself in different ways, there are new patterns in my movement, where there was firmness, there is now softness.   456 more words


Ob visit.......getting interesting....

I’d better get a move on with the 38 week photo. Our Obstetrician’s parting words today were “I’d be surprised if you make it to your C-Section date’. 95 more words


Baby Holl #2: 18 Week Update

Here I am again, posting on the last day of the week for my 18-week update. Still no official nickname yet for this baby, but one of my sister-in-laws recommended Baby Appleseed because of my first post with the apple. 470 more words

Des Moines

What is all this 'Babywearing' lark about??

That’s what I used to wonder. I didn’t really get why it was a thing. Nowadays I’m an avid baby wearer. I have owned a number of different slings over the years and now switch between using fabric wraps and soft structured carriers depending on where we’re going, how long for and what the weather is doing. 716 more words