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One Month

Today is Jackson’s one month birthday! I can’t believe this day is here. Our routine of going up to the hospital every day after Dave gets off work has become normal. 302 more words


The Troubling Loss of the Car Seat

I felt the familiar bite of envy today when I saw a dad walking into a bookstore carrying his baby in a car seat. Oh, those were the days. 369 more words


The capers of Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Nappy Boy

As D is three it’s been quite hard getting him to understand why Little O is always in an incubator, and why, when he comes out for cuddles he can’t play. 202 more words


Generous Ventricles

The hardest day to get through was Wednesday, the day after we got the news that London would need an MRI and a neurosurgery consult. Though we knew that the challenges of having a preemie were not over, we did not expect to encounter an obstacle quite as scary as this. 908 more words


Illness: 33 Week Pregnancy Update

Last Sunday Abby was sick with a cold. Dan bundled up Lydia and took her off to church while I stayed home and comforted our stuffy little one. 358 more words


A Productive Day!

Today was a big day for Jonathan!  He is almost to goal on his feedings.  We are at 17ml every 3 hours and should go up to 18ml tonight.    313 more words


Just a little update.

We don’t have any more appointments until April. In April we’ve got the NICU grad clinic and a surgery appointment. So I don’t have a lot to update but I thought I’d share what I have! 472 more words