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What I Have Learned About Baby Saving

As most parents know it is hard to budget when you have a little one and you are trying to save as much as you can but without sacrificing the quality of your child s food. 489 more words


Learning How To Juggle

This post is going to wrap up a few things I started in the Daycare Dilemma post from not that long ago….

After another meeting with the lady in the day home and Hubby meeting her we decided we were not going to go that route, instead we are going to drive this mommy who barely sleeps as it is into a deeper pit of no sleep. 926 more words



I have never been involved in so many meetings in my life until this week, and I work in an office! Due to the amount of complications we had upon discharge from the NICU (And the fact this mommy rose more than a little hell to get answers) we have been having regular meetings and figuring out where the ball was dropped on our sons care. 183 more words


The Countdown

Today was Charlie’s last Early Intervention appointment ever. She has aged out of the program and is on to bigger kid things.

In a week, Charlie will be three. 218 more words


Donating is an act of love

I had a two month supply of breast milk after Ander died, one for the month he was in the hospital and one for the month it took me to wean afterwards. 581 more words

Carter's Birth Story: Part 1

Poomergency.  It is a term that my Chen cousins have coined by way of necessity and it means exactly what it sounds like it means: when you need to poo and it is an emergency. 850 more words


Downsides Of Baby Books

I just finished catching up on my sons baby book for the past 6 eventful months of our life being at home from the hospital for good, and I noticed something. 593 more words