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Creative Parental Punishments Vs the Internet

So I am going to take a break from the norm for me which is, as you know, Depression and talk about creative punishments for children. 300 more words


We Are NOT the Only Apex Predator

Of recent many of my friends have become concerned about trouble in their neighborhoods with coyotes, or in my area, black bears. People are afraid. They are concerned for not only their safety, but for that of their children and pets. 675 more words


Why Animal Rights? Why Not?

I was on the PETA website today when I came across an article entitled; “Why Animal Rights?”, which discussed how animals feel emotions and pain as we do, and that their right to live free from harm should be considered.   204 more words


Female Predator Games

When people think of sexual predators the image that most people would think of is that the Predator is male. This is not always the case as Women can also be predators against children. 367 more words

Don't Be That Guy

Franson Frenzy

On this ‘out of nowhere’ news topic, generated from the word “intrigue” which is now alluring the masses in BC. I’ve seen two complacent sides to the same coin. 1,162 more words


As an undergraduate I wrote an Honors paper about an unusual psychological condition known as phagophobia. Phagophobia is, among other things, a fear of being eaten…

478 more words

5 Movies That Didn't Have To Suck

Every movie has the potential to be amazing. With proper casting and writing anything can be a fun watch from the random sci-fi actioner (Edge of Tomorrow) to the cheap cash in (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones). 1,259 more words