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A Red Kite catches an Oystercatcher

I went on a walk from Aberystwyth to Borth today along the cliff path.  It was a nice walk with some nice views, but unfortunately I did not see any of the Kestrels I was hoping to.  297 more words


Waiter! There's a fly in my soup!

Nature can be both amazing and wicked and I witnessed this yesterday at Ballannette Wetlands in the Isle of Man. I noticed a few large black insects on the water generating a centrifuge with the sole purpose of pulling their prey straight into their grasp. 32 more words


Does anything raid corvid nests? Yeah, bears!

I’ve talked before about how the claim that crows (and ravens) are “destroying the ecosystem and songbird populations” is mostly unsupported by science.  Breeding plovers and desert tortoises are among the handful of exceptions1,2.  283 more words

Raven Behavior


Stalkers, tasty crab

In demand–the chase was on

Stiff competition




She asked, “What does that card say? I can’t read it.”


She waved it off, and then, ignoring the facilitator’s instructions, launched into a description of how… 608 more words


Hiding in the Crowd: Anti-Predator Aggregation in Animals - 21/11/14

Safety in numbers – aggregation behaviour occurs across the animal kingdom

There are thousands of examples of species congregating in large numbers for protection. But what is it exactly that confers this advantage, and motivates the individual’s behaviour? 694 more words