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Tiny Terror

Feeding the birds is typically associated with peaceful domesticity and little old ladies singing “tuppence a bag.” But when you feed the birds, you invite nature into your backyard and as Tennyson put it, nature can be “red in tooth and claw.” 564 more words

Defensive use of the tail in monitors - and also sauropods?

One thing that I’ve never understood is why some people are skeptical about sauropods using their tails defensively, when lizards do this all the time. I’ve been digging through the literature on this for a current project, and there are some really great accounts out there, and by ‘great’ I mean ‘scary’. 834 more words


Spring is in the Bear

It was -38 C this morning at our house. Dang cold. By early December, it was cold and we were bracing for another hard winter like last year. 696 more words



Since moving into our house I have always dreamt of creating our own little piece of wildlife heaven. We live in a semi detached house in a fairly crowded estate right next to a main road so we aren’t exactly in a prime wildlife location however the number of different species we have visit our modest little garden is still surprising. 812 more words


Moose Habitat Management

Better management of moose habitat is often put forward as a way to improve populations of moose. Lately, this aspect of moose management has been getting more attention in Ontario, as well as in other jurisdictions where moose populations have declined. 428 more words