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All for One and One for All

On the 21st November I attended another guest lecture, this time delivered by Lesley Morrell. It was looking at a very interesting animal behavior which involves ‘Hiding in the Crowd’. 465 more words


Spring & Summer Mayfly Hatch

Take a close look at a walleye’s mouth and its teeth tell the story – they have evolved to feed on fish. Yet, walleye don’t survive on fish alone. 1,401 more words


Going . . . .Going . . . . where?

This week the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) announced changes to the moose hunt to address declining moose populations. The changes announced, as far as I could see, were exactly the changes proposed prior to posting on the Environmental Board Registry (EBR), which is there to solicit comments from the public before changes are finalized. 626 more words


Nature's lean, mean, killing machine: The coyote

The Wild Life #4

I would like to establish a couple of things today, right away. First, this is an Outdoorsman’s Blog. It is about fishing, and hunting, and survival in the wild, and it is about animals, and sometimes humans—getting killed. 1,176 more words



“It is a melancholy consideration, that so much of our time is necessarily to be spent upon the care of living, and that we can seldom obtain ease in one respect but by resigning it in another; yet I suppose that we are by this dispensation not less happy in the whole, than if the spontaneous bounty of Nature poured all that we want into our hands. 48 more words

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Moral Panics around Online Youth Sexual Predation

By Nicholas Petrie

For many decades ‘stranger danger’ has become a popular discourse within the popular media (Clapton, Cree & Smith, 2012). This concern mainly surrounds the safety of children (Clapton et al., 2012). 582 more words

Jaguars and Pumas to Protect Farm Crops in Brazil

From Epoch Times, Apr 2015

Margie Peixoto was driving her pickup across her farm in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul one February afternoon when she spotted some broken corn stalks and a trio of white-lipped peccaries ( 358 more words