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Writing Prompt #100 “Anne Sexton”

Gravity does not crush me

Though an albatross

It indulges my caprice

Same as any other vice.

I drink gravity for breakfast

It is as real to me as any lover… 152 more words


Midge. It's what's for dinner.

For my Master’s project, I am looking at the diet of Icelandic three-spine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus). My project is part of a much larger research group focusing on understanding the ecological causes of natural selection, particularly what leads organisms to diversify into new forms, a process known as adaptive radiation. 1,166 more words


Jeffrey Masson on Our Fear of Being Eaten

A young crocodile who utters a distress call will bring immediate help from completely unrelated adult crocodiles, even if it means risking their lives…Obviously this altruism does not extend to us. 

99 more words

Invasive species may be less of a threat when they’re abundant

Invasions of aquatic habitats by exotic species are often dramatic, involving rapid extensions of geographic range and increases in abundance by the invaders. Although such events encourage the belief that introduced species have strong negative competitive and predatory impacts on their native counterparts, this assumption may not always be true. 237 more words


How predators see prey patches

Optimal foraging theory has proved to be a very useful framework for researchers interested in predator behaviour. A basic prediction of the theory is that predators should choose to feed in habitat patches that provide the highest energy return. 379 more words


Predation, Food, and Why Birds Flock on Snow Days

The last days of Winter are upon us, and for the last few weeks that means Virginia has had some harsh snowstorms. Virginia is unique in that we always get a few solid inches of snow every year but we are always completely surprised. 705 more words


HSI Project: Documenting Predation During Amphibian Reproductive Events.

The global crash in amphibian populations has created a strong focus on protecting these species from extinction. Efforts to protect these species are often borne from a desire to protect these charismatic animals from harm and to ensure they remain an integral part of a nation’s natural heritage for future generations. 269 more words