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There are race riots in my city tonight

A Prayer to Memnon in the midst of civil disorder

Speak to us, O Memnon, son of Tithonos, son of Eos.
Speak to us, prince of Ethiopia, son of the Dawn. 189 more words

In Practice


I ask that we continue to pray for Nepal. The death toll is going to be higher than 4,000… and the help that they need to recover will be even more. 86 more words

Daily Prayer to Zehive

Oh, great Zehive, hear my prayer! How may I better serve you, Master? I lay my life before you. You are my king, my prince of peace, and my savior. 133 more words


Weighting on God

God invites us to rest in Him.
Lean on his gentles, His yoke is lighter.
The sooner we acknowledge that
We cannot do it on our own, 229 more words

My Thoughts

The "Our Father" Prayer

The “OUR FATHER” prayer: Do I really mean what I pray? Examine how well you live what you pray as you meditate on the following: 305 more words


I didn’t love him; at least not in the way my generation uses the word inappropriately on a daily basis. I didn’t love him because I have been burned, transformed in ashes, and revived infinite times for him. 308 more words