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Doyle: Bodies of Resistance: New Phenomenologies of Politics, Agency, and Culture

Doyle, Laura, ed. Bodies of Resistance: New Phenomenologies of Politics, Agency, and Culture. Evanston, Ill: Northwestern University Press, 2001.

This collection is a valuable resource for contemporary phenomenologists, especially for, as Doyle puts it “political phenomenologies” or “postmodern phenomenologies.” In her introduction, Doyle offers a helpful perspective of the entwined development of phenomenology with modernity, with poststructuralism and postmodernism. 1,252 more words


Ev-Ent-Anglement 3: One current shape for Internet feminism and its many discontents

I recently performed the third iteration of my experimental, affective scholarly talk cum “event” at Console-ing Passions 2015: “Ev-ent-anglement 3: Dublin.” The project has a nearly-completed year-long shelf-life as it and I travel the globe while transforming on the Internet (the sustaining relations between my physical bodily mobility through space and my grounded Internet presence, based as it is on assumptions that at last people can stay put, is one of the contradictions at the heart of this project: I need to be multiply physically placed-based to learn about digital place and community; the longer we have the Internet the more we travel physically because we know so many more people and place seems suddenly as available to us as products). 1,341 more words


Male Spirituality (Father Rohr)

Some time back in our Theology and Ethics group at Oakmont Presbyterian, we looked into the Eastern Church and its mystical/contemplative spirituality.  I found it interesting, but not very accessible for application.   57 more words

Oakmont Class

Received, 1.0

As promised, let’s look at church attendance. In considering the question of whether a person “needs” to “go to” church (which we understand as Sunday morning worship attendance, in this instance), we’ll do well to look at the “what”s of Sunday morning worship: what it is for, what it isn’t for. 540 more words


Barınma Hakkı..! “Yerinde ve Yerlisiyle Kentsel İyileştirme”*

BARINMA HAKKI: “Her bireyin, gerek kendisi gerekse ailesi için, yiyecek, giyim, mesken, tıbbi bakım, gerekli sosyal hizmetler dahil olmak üzere sağlığı ve refahını temin edecek uygun bir hayat seviyesine ve işsizlik, hastalık, sakatlık, dulluk, ihtiyarlık veya geçim imkânlarından iradesi dışında mahrum bırakacak diğer hallerde güvenliğe hakkı vardır.”

1,238 more words

My Purpose

I am an incoming senior at Tennessee Technological University, working on my bachelors degree in elementary education.  I am so excited to begin my journey as a full time student teacher.   246 more words

New Devotional Necklace: Get In Gears

This necklace started out as a bit of fun that turned into something much, much more.

At the turn of summer the Vanic Conspiracy gathered to renew one of our group spells in honor of Njordh, asking Him to help us “bring our ships safely in” with a bountiful catch. 375 more words

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