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Raja Yoga: a Path into the Extrasensory Worlds by J.A.S.

Good news everyone! I’m going to translate an old Polish classic on Raja Yoga into English. Although I’m not a professional, I haven’t seen a similar work in English before. 61 more words


FAQ for the proposed Vanatru Symbol

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Vanatru Symbol I proposed in February. Here I am trying to address as many of the questions and concerns that were raised as I can. 1,143 more words


Radical Privilege of Liberation: A Solution


In examining privilege, caution must be taken to responsibly evaluate repercussions of even the most mundane actions (or inactions). People, especially from the younger generations seek to undo their own shackles of oppression as well as those of who they perceive to be their disadvantaged other. 3,068 more words

One of the points that Shulevitz makes—that trigger warnings and other kinds of student protections do not exist in the real world, by which she means the world of employment—is absolutely correct.

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Knob gags: mirror neurons and social learning #47 in the insights for managers series

An apology
This isn’t intended to be broad or authoritative. The writing is a bit rough and ready. There are holes in it. It’s a bit (first) drafty. 388 more words

The Front Page: Musing|scraplog

Things We Do To Our Children

I joined Albert Lu on The Economy Podcast to talk about things we do to our children.  We discussed whether and to what extent a parent can know what’s good for a child and force them to do things for their own good, from sports to music lessons and beyond.   39 more words


Only Produce of What You're Proud?

After hosting a Praxis webinar tonight with a colleague, I’m reflecting on the importance of creating content of that you can be proud. I’m proud to have been part of our event tonight and knowing that it was recorded and will be viewable by the public does not scare me at all. 305 more words