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Under Investigation, Part II: Down the Rabbit Hole

First off, there’s a new rule here on The Czech List. This entry was long, and full of lots of super fun and exciting words like “insurance” and “savings” and “licensing.” And of course, it is what it needs to be, but to keep myself from turning into a stodgy bureaucrat myself, I’m instituting a new policy. 1,460 more words


An Inside Look of a Nuclear Bunker from the Cold War Era in Prague

One of the many highlights of my trip across Eastern, Central, and Western Europe was a visit to a real nuclear bunker from the Cold War Era, coupled with a tour around Prague to learn more about the history of communism in the city. 255 more words

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“A No Act Non-Play Composed of Non-Scenes…”


conducted by Ewelina Chiu at Meet Factory, on the occasion of the publication of the Czech translation of Armand’s… 2,793 more words

Is it Really Over?

Our last full day in Europe. As exhausted as we all are from countless days of tours and traveling, this one thought seemed to hang in the back of all of our minds. 1,381 more words

2015 GPS Trips

Falling in Love with Prague

So I think this one will be short on words, but long in pictures.

My trip to Prague was perhaps the least planned and organised one yet, and I can’t pretend that I wasn’t a little stressed out just before (“What currency do they even have in the Czech Republic?!”). 82 more words