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Thirteen Goals of a Pantheist Pagan

I’ve been working on rewording certain rituals to make them fit my pantheist pagan beliefs, but one thing I’ve always liked is Wicca’s “Thirteen Goals of a Witch… 553 more words



Practicing digital art these days.


The Values of Sports - Part 1 - Perseverance & Determination

What is it about sports that helps build ones character?

I am a firm believer that getting involved in sports, whether it be an individual or team sport, can help mold a persons character. 539 more words


You Are Your Own Oracle.

On the side of Mt. Parnassus in Greece lie the ruins of a great ancient temple-sanctuary, the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. From 1400 BC -381 AD the temple was visited by leaders and kings and people from far away seeking wisdom and divine guidance from the Oracle of Delphi. 693 more words

A Dharma Doorway

by Daishin McCabe

Dharma gates are boundless, I vow to master them.

Children have been by far my best teachers. Jesus said that if we can learn to have the mind of a child, then we will enter the kingdom of heaven. 2,091 more words


Knowing Satisfaction

by Zuikō Redding

“The Eight Aspects of Great Beings’ Awakening,” was Dōgen’s final essay, written just a bit before his death. In Japanese it is “Hachi Dainin Kaku” or八大人覚. 2,356 more words



by Tonen O’Connor

One of the pleasantest ceremonies we conduct here at the Milwaukee Zen Center is that in which sangha members participate in the ceremony known as “lay ordination” and accept the Three Pure Precepts and Ten Prohibitory Precepts. 1,176 more words