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Let's start with some mannequin work!

In all things practice makes perfect, gotta get that mannequin work in.  

Hair Styling

Show, Don't Tell: mastering the writing technique

Think back to a time when something happened that made you ecstatically happy or deeply heartbroken or explosively furious. If you can’t think of anything, make something up. 207 more words

Practice Makes Perfect

Those Kicks Were Fast As Lightning

Hi-yah! Last Monday during the Illustration Club (A.K.A. The Drawing Board) meeting, we watched a five minute scene from the hit animated television show Avatar the Last Airbender… 231 more words

Where Creativity Works

Work in Adobe Finally Improving

So in my Youtube project I finally gotten a very basic grasp on the basic cropping and stretching functions which I am kinda surprised took me this long to get. 261 more words


Practice makes perfect

Stefán is the most diligent kid I know. Aside from doing great in school, helping around the house and babysitting his baby brother, he also attends every Judo practice possible. 49 more words


The Audition

Last week the middle Muppet came home very excited about the Grade 2 Musical that his class has been working on. He told me the story behind the musical and that they were holding auditions for different parts. 454 more words


Do You Ever Wonder...

When your mind is racing a million images a second, and your heart beats real fast, do you ever wonder what it would be like if every goal you set out to execute, was executed. 140 more words