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Lesson #351: Knowledge by repetition.


Slightly different from the saying “practice makes perfect,”

is what I like to call knowledge by repetition.

It’s different than acquiring and perfecting a skill. 304 more words


How creative people inspire me

Now obviously, I am a tad bit biased, but my sister Nomi is an awesome artist! In the last year, her artwork has gone bonkers. Her level of work has skyrocketed and she pretty much has something new to show me every time I talk to her (which is quite a lot. 668 more words


A Written Reminder

Words drip like honey down the pen. Poetry touches the page.

If only beautiful writing flowed like that. But it isn’t that easy for most of us. 119 more words

Ends N Odds

Strumming: Tricks and Tips #1

You just finished your 3rd ‘ukulele lesson and you’ve gotten close to comfortable with playing basic 2-3 chord songs. So far you have been using either just downstrokes or alternating between upstrokes and downstrokes on a 4/4 rhythm. 551 more words


Tortoise and the Hare: A Tale of Rewriting

Last night, in three hours I worked through three pages of my manuscript. No, you did not read that wrong. Yes, that is one page an hour. 818 more words

Being An Author

Write a While Wednesday: The Morning Walk

Every Wednesday, I set aside 15 minutes to free write. No agenda, no pressure to edit, just me and the page (screen). I hope you’ll join me. 347 more words


Uping your game

Success is different according to each person. You may my want to be the best, and I respect that, though I can’t empathize. But if you want to be the best, don’t be the best compared to people in your current situation. 101 more words

Be The Best