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The First Octave - Keys D and D#

Key D

The key D is the key you get when you cover all but the last two set of small holes on the recorder. 105 more words

Day 1 Pre Service Teacher

Wow what a great 1st day. Any nerves I had prior to prac are all behind me after having my first day on Thursday. I must admit that walking up to the office and then onto the class room I was still a little nervous, but as soon as the children started flooding in the door my excitement started to kick in. 161 more words

Cleaning rooms

As there’s no place like home, I have been know to do a spot of paid work on rooms to help out:


Take Part in Your Own Faith

“To have faith in Divine protection is good, but even beter if backed by the pratical assistance heaven has a right to expect from sensible mortals.”

**Ellis Peters



INPUT is a command that allows you or anybody else who runs the program to enter the information (text or number) when the program is already running. 34 more words

Computer Science


When you think, you keep words or numbers in your mind. This allows you to speak and to make calculations. QBasic also needs to keep words or numbers in its memory. 69 more words

Computer Science

Where did the time go?

Life is crazy.

Not just crazy. Chaotic.

I have had every intention of blogging the last few weeks and have even started a few posts. But life has gotten in the way of any of these thoughts coming to fruition. 243 more words