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The world is incredible: Honey Bees Edition

Watch this video:

SPOILER ALERT the bees kill the wasps. Not only that, but they all signal to each other with a thorax waggle (what??) to swarm around the spy wasp (they’re bees?? 291 more words

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The Things I Know

I am a fact motivated person. Maybe fact isn’t the right word–I naturally¬†connect trivia to other trivia. I compulsively share them. I’m trying to connect with people like someone might talk about sports, or new diets, or astrology. 242 more words

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Pigeons can be superstitious too

Awesome post on Quora Digest this morning.

Psychologist B. F. Skinner thought free will in humans was a farce, and it had much more to do with reinforced behavior. 151 more words

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You're Being Irrational: Becoming a Better Designer (Part 1)

At my company’s annual retreat, I presented a talk about rationality in design. There’s nothing I like more than¬†being allowed to natter endlessly about rationality, and people seemed to even like it! 734 more words

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