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Do's and don'ts of illustration

Have found loads of useful information on CC Skills!

4 pieces of advice for a career in illustration – Mark Boardman

  1. Get a great, cohesive portfolio and send it to everyone.
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Summer plans

Have been asked for more work for Age UK after completing a live project for them

“I would be very interested in having you design some other materials for our Safeguarding Adults Prevention.

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Interview reflection

During my interview I showed my online portfolio www.lauramchugh.co.uk and a PDF (portfolio). I decided to do both as I think with the website it’s important to have an online presence, something that is there all the time for people to come across and look at. 339 more words


Laws and fees

As someone who would love to eventually work as a freelancer, I need to begin researching and knowing my stuff on copyright laws, fees, rights and so on. 70 more words


Interviews with illustrators

I’ve been reading a lot of illustrator interviews on networks and websites such as  http://www.theartfuls.com/interviews and I’ve found it a really helpful way to get tips and ideas on how to be successfull – where they answer questions ranging from ‘what is your design process’ to how to overcome ‘designers block.’ It’s really good to have access to advice from people with first-hand experience in the industry. 93 more words


Emailing illustrators for advice

I’ve emailed a few of my favourite illustrators for advice on how to break into the industry etc. including David Foldvari who I studied for COP2 and feminist illustrator Maria Maria Acha-Kutscher. 130 more words


Defining my practice

At the end of last year I decided I wanted to specialise in graphic design. Having almost completed second year I could not be happier with this decision and would suggest that, for the moment, these are my ‘sellable skills’. 17 more words