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Rae x Sunshine features at the l.o.v.e Women’s Month Fundraiser

Saturday, March 21, 2015 7:30 PM
Rae Sunshine will feature at this Women’s Event in Long Island, New York. It’s Called the L.O.V.E Project. There will be food, music and other performances to celebrate positive support groups for women from all over. 11 more words


5 Powerful Ways To Start Your Day

1. Gratitude 

Beginning each day with a handwritten gratitude list can shift your entire perspective about life.  Worried about not having enough? Put a pen to paper each morning. 436 more words


Testing, 123, testing.

Well, after 5 years of thinking (freaking out same thing) about it and many people nudging me to write – it’s official…I am finally blogging.  The other day a friend said fear is a great motivator and much of his success was due to fear.   94 more words



I recently watched a video that is stuck in my head. It’s about a couple, they love each other deeply, the wife goes blind unexpectedly but when the husband tries to help with her daily chores such as making breakfast, taking the bus to work and doing her weekly load of washing she gets self defensive. 497 more words


So this is it. these videos is what makes restore my trust in humanity. Just a little bit. But still.

I just wanted to share it because, yes, it brought me to tears. 8 more words


Release your pain

There are many people who have experience some form of pain during their childhood. The pain could have been a verbal pain, a physically pain, or emotional pain. 666 more words