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The Earth is Filled With His Glory

God is so cool! Seriously, if I were to tell you all that God has done here in Jacksonville this summer it would blow you away! 821 more words

If You Want to Find God Then Lose Yourself in Prostration

One of the biggest challenges for me during Ramadan, and outside of it, is what to recite for Dua. More specifically, what to recite in Sujood (prostration). 552 more words


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There are no Short-cuts to Relationship with God

I follow a number of Facebook groups where someone will post a prophetic word followed by asking for everyone to agree with an ‘Amen!’. The expectation is, of course, that if you type ‘Amen’ that the prophetic word will happen for you. 981 more words


Autumn Eye Contact by jeffclow

© 2015 Jeff R. Clow

Wild bull moose in Wyoming, USA last autumn…

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Nature | Autumn Eye Contact

Please Help Me to Get a New Camera => Hi my friends!
My Name is Randall and I live in Easton, MD USA. I’m 39 years old and I’m currently disable for multiple back injuries and Major Depression. 57 more words


Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for June 29th is The Emperor

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Today

The Emperor

The Emperor is blessed with the skills to successfully lead others. He can turn chaos into order and provide structure to that which is unbound. 94 more words

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Ominous sky

You have seen the foam, churning –
Now, see the Ocean of Flaming Power!
– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Menacing clouds, big surf, and tidal surge flooding on the beach @ Horace Caldwell Pier, two days before Tropical Storm Bill makes landfall on the Texas coast.  14 more words