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Gaming made him a stronger person and it helped him deal with real life problems

Hristo Georgiev is a junior at AUBG majoring in Business Administration and Information Systems. Besides academia, Georgiev also enjoys programming and bodybuilding. He spends around 2 hours per day in the gym and the rest creating code on his laptop. 474 more words

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Mythmaking, World Creation and the Problem of Freedom: Curtains Within Curtains

In the chapter entitled “Myth” in Guide to the Study of Religion, Russell McCutcheon outlines how there have been many definitions surrounding the term… 2,451 more words


Is this prophecy?

Will some tragedy arise?

Or too much caffeine?


Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones...

Dear Daughter,

I’m sure as a child, at some point, you’ve heard the infamous phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Well, as much as you may have rehearsed this line over and over again in your mind, hoping it would stick like glue, the phrase just simply isn’t true. 313 more words


Don't Let Go

In the mood to post this oldie but goodie…. I love this song.


The lure of power makes men blindly follow its seductions

That which leads apart, shall reconcile its members. In its danger of rupture exist the equal potential of unity The potential of co-existence and good fortune For all those who know how to use its potency Lay a new world within its purpose Power is a faithful servant of its rightful owner It surrenders to those who seek its appropriate uses It shows itself in the cracks of darkness. 67 more words

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