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The Yin and Yang of Powerless Cows

“Cows” is the theme for Ed’s Sunday Stills this week. Here are two photos I took today at the Sacramento Delta near where we windsurf. 68 more words


Realism vs. Reality

I well remember my Art History professor commenting on Realism in art. “Realism,” he said,“is a very broad category that, in my view, means any art which makes things look ‘real’ (that is, recognizable) without showing them as they actually appear to the eye.” He also said, “Art, by its nature is not truthful. 249 more words


Poor society. The disintegrating middle and the road warriors of legend.

Poor society.  The disintegrating middle and the road warriors of legend. 

Whence there was once a strong and vibrant middle class around to reflect upon and infuse society with the banalities of the bourgeoisie and the stabilities of the safe and secure and the passing appreciations for the good things on earth and the worlds that projected and protected them …. 140 more words



The feeling of desire, fear, pain, guilt, shame, and satisfaction creates an orthodox belief for some transcendental entity or law. Phenomenon such as evil spirits, demons, and stray spirits have been believed to be existed long before human awareness. 516 more words


The Inspiration behind Divine Light Dancer

A dear friend of mine, Jenn Kosh who is a practitioner with the Way of the Heart, held a gathering of soulful and inspired people a few weeks ago on the Spring Equinox. 198 more words


If It Were Just Simple

I listen to the problems you have

Wishing I could take them away.

That there was some remedy

Only I had

To relieve your pain, 40 more words


Why knowing the game gives you a head start

So, like I said back when I was giving you a watered down version of the narcissism stages in a relationship using my own experiences, any bets I hear from P again even though it’s been 11 years since we broke up and over a year since we last spoke. 666 more words