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Cruising with a Mission

Some people think I’m “at sea” most of the time, but as I started to write this I was literally. It was 80 plus degrees on the Western Caribbean on a late February morning, and I was feeling a twinge of guilt when I thought of my friends back home in “snOwHIO” – but only a small twinge. 1,778 more words

Faith And Values

How can you make a difference to world poverty this International Women's Day?

Tomorrow, March 8, is International Women’s Day and if you’re wondering why that matters, you should read this post from last year. Globally we still have a long way to go to see an end to oppression and injustice for women and girls. 702 more words


Found 8 (Lottery)

Commuting from New Haven to NY, on the way to the train I would pass through “The Projects,” a 1960s crumbling concrete housing complex. I tried to keep my eyes down, and consequently found……

New Haven

This Time Next Year: World's Unfathomably Rich 'Will Set New Record' in 2016!

The #richest 1% will own 50%+1 of all global #wealth by 2016 if current trends continue, according to 01/2015 #Oxfam report on #inequality

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) …

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Sometimes the Window Is Blue (1 minute)


A 1-minute flick I made.

One that will make you think.

A get-up-off-your-butt-and-get-a-better-job girl?

Or blatant American tragedy?

Jasmine Joyce’s marvelous performance.

Be sure to listen to the words in the song at the end. 18 more words

Peter Greene: David Brooks Gets Everything Wrong (Again)

Peter Greene here reviews David Brooks’ latest effort to advise the nation about education issues. Brooks argues that it would be a mistake to try to reduce poverty by redistributionist policies (I assume he means such policies as higher taxes on billionaires or direct benefits to those who are poor or government programs for job creation); instead, we should count on education to reduce inequality and poverty. 900 more words

Charter Schools

If it's a car you lack, I would buy you a Cadillac...

This is pretty stream-of-consciousness and loosely structured. All apologies.The title of this post

The title of this blog post is a lyric of one of the songs I  4,683 more words