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Imagine If - by Lucy Williams

Yesterday I was on the tube when a young man got on. He was crying and begging for money or food.

As always on the tube people looked uncomfortable and tried to ignore him. 169 more words


Kill the Poor

Who’s got two thumbs and watches tons of poornography? This guy! No, I haven’t made a typographical error, I meant to say that. What is it? 846 more words

The Slow Food Movement - a morning with Alessandra Roversi

Alessandra Roversi, well-known food public relations, communication and policy professional, joined Professor Marina Curran in her Business Responsibility and Sustainability Masters class on Thursday, 19th March. 436 more words

BSL Class Experience

Tales of Mean Streets

The title¬† describes the contents — the meanness not only of city and streets but also of characters and the poverty that confines them. These, I think, are stories written by a man who escaped such poverty and looks back on it only with relief that he managed to get out, and perhaps with a fear of falling back that erases generosity. 1,559 more words


Holy war on poverty

As the member of NGO Sector we are into this war on poverty.

The factors that are adversely affecting the fight are-

1 No support to NGOs from the developed world. 124 more words


Short Story: Scum of the City

A short story in the genre of realistic fiction, my favorite. 

I’m taking the RAPD bus that connects downtown Reno to the mall. I swipe my card and say… 295 more words


Is America "On the Beach" about its retirement funding crisis?

Is America simply waiting for the huge, coming crisis in retirement funding to overtake us? What happens then?

The situation reminds me of the 1959 movie, … 707 more words