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Even Though What We do is Wrong: Islamic Influence on Hip-Hop Pt. 2

In his autobiography, Malcolm X himself asserted, “In the ghettos the white man has built for us, he has forced us to not aspire to greater things, but to view everyday living as survival.” Decades after his assassination, these words still ring true. 852 more words


A Lucky Bed, a poem

….3,480 and counting….

I placed my Lotto ticket,
In a mattress of
pass winners and losers.

Once filled with feathers,
my mattress grew lumping,
the lumps the only thing to… 83 more words



Author’s note: This is a song I wrote many years ago that was meant to cast a light on poverty, provide social commentary. Today I was unsure of the completion date, then I realized it didn’t matter. 258 more words

Andy Spradling

Politics of Debt: Debtfare States and the Poverty Industry

Under the rubric of ‘financial inclusion’, lending to the poor –in both the global North and global South –has become a highly lucrative and rapidly expanding industry since the 1990s. 208 more words


“They were miserable and hungry and helpless. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who was miserable, hungry, and helpless who was not also petty and selfish.

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Mission: God's Gospel and Our Culture

Some reading that should get your thoughts going . . .

Mission and the Kingdom of God (Ed Stetzer).  God’s mission (and ours) is about sharing the truth about Jesus AND alleviating needs. 120 more words