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In Case You Missed It - April 17, 2015

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“Even in small towns, such as those in Dodge County, Wisconsin, SWAT teams treat routine searches for narcotics as a major battlefront in the drug war.

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How can South Africa reverse racism without a bloodbath?

Recent media coverage indicates that South Africa continues to aggressively embrace eliminating racism. It has only been two decades since apartheid was eliminated. South Africa need only to market the Black African woman as a positive image to overcome racism with the complications associated with a civil was which could end in a bloodbath. 785 more words


Satistics: the power of the untameable number

No one can deny the power of the GDP, a statistic ideology to measure almost everything in the whole modern world since 1934 when the Great Depression in United States occurred. 253 more words


Does the process of Globalization help or hinder wealth creation in developing countries?

Travelling to Thailand has not ever been that easy. You just need a computer, Internet connection and a credit card (do not even worry about which airline is flying to your destination, the finder on the online website will give you the best option at the best price). 1,773 more words


Ending Extreme Poverty

Originally published on The Salvation Army International Headquarters website


As leaders from diverse religious traditions, we share a compelling vision to end extreme poverty by the year 2030. 1,111 more words