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It has been said that one believes in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. From disappearing cats to living playing cards. Now I shall reveal my own list of the six impossible things. 31 more words

Desk Notes

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Wraith Contracts

Geralt the medieval Ghostbuster

Along your travels in White Orchard, Velen and also the Skellige Isles are lots of contracts for you to perform. These contracts usually net a decent amount of experience and is generally most of your income.

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Agressive Magick

Aggressive Magick

Hrafn looked as if he were preening but actually pulled a string from his
feathers that was around his neck. The vile had an old green glow about it…

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Creative Writing

12 Again

Patrick’s mom has mysteriously disappeared the day before her 40th birthday. All she did was go to her Mom’s house!

His father says she’s on “vacation” but Patrick and his brother, Kevin, don’t buy it. 194 more words

Rhubarb & Elderflower Cordial

Second potion of the day! Similar to the last one so you can refer back to that post if required at all! :)

For this cordial I used About 2kg of rhubarb and 8 heads of elderflower. 249 more words


The Great Rome

By Vincent Cochran

Once upon a time there was an attractive city called the great Rome. The Great Rome was a good-looking place, the trees were blowing in the wind, the flowers were blooming and the waterfall was shimmering with light. 1,912 more words

Short Story