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The view from six months in

It has been six months since I started The Other Movie Project. On New Year’s Day, 2015, I vowed that I would watch every movie released near me that did not revolve around a white guy. 1,465 more words


You need to know what we're dealing with

You need to know what we’re dealing with. I learned the hard way:

They’re the lawless ones who cause offenses, attack, do battle, work destruction on the earth, afflict and oppress, feeding off our anxieties and fears.. 88 more words

Daily Posts

Obergefell v. Hodges

Every once in a while, there is an event that everybody seems compelled to comment on. Almost always, the comments are all very similar, and therefore obvious. 1,924 more words


Teach Yourself About Desktop Computers Right Now!

Just like any other type of shopping, computer shopping is best when lots of information and facts are digested in advance. That means you should read this article right away. 415 more words


Our Services...

Global Websites Corporation

In Our Company; besides offering Design Services, Programming and Website Construction; Web Hosting Accounts, Domain Names, E-Mails and such; we also offer commercial support to companies that need to launch new products and/or services to the market. 302 more words


Brown Eyes Are Rad

The carpet smells like dust. The room is cold. The fan is spinning and I can hear it creaking as it does. People are incessantly interrupting my thoughts and it’s frustrating. 75 more words