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Quick Way To Build Your Resume

The Easy Resume Builder app is very essential tool to grow your professional career. It makes your resume within very less time and without any editing or formatting. 182 more words


Yourself>Everyone Else

I have debated whether to post this the last couple days, but i figured what the heck. The only thing this could possibly do is make someone feel better about themselves, which is exactly what i want to do! 597 more words


Why Do So Many Women Have Anxiety Disorders? A Hormone Hypothesis (NPR.com)


Hmmm, why do so many women suffer from anxiety? Is there a hormone connection? This researcher found that when women were in a menstrual phase in which their estrogen levels were high, their “fear extinction capacity” was much better, in other words “they were able to control their fear, or express much less fear, compared to the women that came in in the early phase of their cycle… when they had low estrogen.” 230 more words


My work schedule has a two-and-a-half day weekend built in, I work 4 hours on Saturday and then get Sunday and Monday off. And the plan was to use the weekend to get some writing done, perhaps even finish that story, and that notebook. 72 more words


Catalogue of the Universe

Angela and Tycho seem an unlikely pair — she is beautiful and confident, he is awkward and quietly intellectual. They have long shared a passion for deciphering the universe outside their own personal struggles. 302 more words


School alterations after the storm

It’s been a trying time for a lot of us over the course of the week during and following the storms. We are hopefully that everyone has come through more or less damage free and safe. 602 more words