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Truth in postmodern times

The classical theory of knowledge is based on the opposition of knowledge and opinion. Plato says that opinion (Gk. doxa) is inferior to the genuine knowledge (Gk. 1,104 more words


Rick Poynor

Rick Poynor is a British writer on graphic design, typography and visual culture. After founding ‘Eye Magazine’ in 1990, he focussed heavily on visual communication. in 1999, he was a co-ordinator of the ‘First Things First’ Manifesto. 259 more words


My Confession of Faith in Post-Humanism

Primus (I)

Aspiring China scholar. Infuriating creative writer. Achingly post-amusing satirist.

Prefers Strongbow to fine wines, but also prefers Beethoven to the Beatles.

Strongly pro- and anti- modernism/postmodernism. 828 more words


Birdman, or (The Techniques of the Postmodern Text)

By now it’s pretty clear I’ve been hooked by Birdman’s talon. It continues to rattle around in my skull, making connections to other texts I know and love and creating new shades of meaning and significance. 1,421 more words


Postmodern Fashion Resists Tradition

If one desires to stay in harmony with postmodern fashion, then he or she cannot be beholden to traditional matching strategies. In Postmodernism or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism… 396 more words

Fredric Jameson

The Logic of Absurdity: “Catch-22”

The following essay will provide a critical discussion of chapter thirty-nine entitled “The Eternal City” in Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22 in relation to the postmodern condition of individual and society as governed by the principle of “Catch-22”. 2,119 more words


The Last Lecture...

Our last lecture for our modernism unit basically was comprised of going over what was to be expected and we had parts of the brief broken down so that we all knew what had to be done. 503 more words