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Book Review: Who's Afraid of Postmodernism? - By James K. A. Smith

Postmodernism is an idea that is ill-defined and poorly understood, both by those who call themselves postmoderns and by those who attack them. One of the groups which has set its sights on postmodernism in recent years is the Christian church, which has had no shortage of condemnations for it. 776 more words


The Connections between SJW-ism and Post-Modern Art #GamerGate

(Source: Fountain, by Marcel Duchamp, Year 1917)

Above is the sculpture Fountain created by Frenchman Marcel Duchamp in 1917.  Objectively it is a urinal but Duchamp challenged preconceptions of what art is with this sclupture. 975 more words


everybody's grandpa

Evan Dara’s THE LOST SCRAPBOOK, pp. 6-72

Many of us im sure think a little about how to write differently. To make something that could push out beyond Brechtian alienation or the long postmodern and all the rest of that which is now tradition. 3,441 more words

US Lit

Quicksand, by Steve Toltz

I finished reading this book late last night and I am still overwhelmed by it.  It was unputdownable for the last 200-odd pages, and food for considerable thought long after the light was turned off.  1,469 more words


'WE'VE COME A WRONG WAY BAY-BEE' - by Alix Dobkin (1999)

“As I was saying, the phrase,
‘This may be politically incorrect, but…’, makes me reach for the “delete” key. Why? Because it almost always precedes, a mindless bit of racism or a snotty put-down of women. 65 more words