Course Of Action When Ptsd Flares Up???

I ve posted recently about the massive amount of stress my PTSD vet fiance has been under and that he has been on and off with me. 84 more words

I Broke It Off.

So I posted awhile back about my boyfriend going into a bad PTSD. Episode right after he moved away to begin our new life. It has taken such a toll on me I ve been in bed for 2 weeks straight and I ve been unable to function for myself much less my children. 60 more words


Hi all, Clearly new here. I ve already posted once before because I didn t even realize there was an intro forum! Anyway, long story short my boyfriend has had PTSD since his Marine days, we ve been together for a year. 60 more words


[Applause} Thank you very much my fellow online junkheads. I take a new step with this hereā€¦

I get meself me own blog ayy! No drumroll needed. 750 more words


Thread I Posted Might Be In Wrong Section

Hi. I ve been inactive member for long time. I just posted a Thread under social…I think it might be in wrong section, however I really don t know where it should be….please feel free to move it if need be . 31 more words

First Post - Need Some Pepping Up I Think

Hi everyone, Ive had an account here for a while but have never posted. Just want to share a few things to more share and get it off my chest. 81 more words

Friendship Triggers Panic Attacks

I m not sure if I ve posted this thread in the right area but please move if I haven t. Last night I went crazy. 83 more words