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From Flickr: "National Wax Museum of Lancaster County Heritage - Lancaster, Pennsylvania" by The J. Smith Archive

Rt. 30 East
Great Indian Treaty of 1744
In 1744 the Governors of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia met with the chiefs of many of the tribes of the Six Indian Nations. 48 more words

From Flickr: "Public Gaol - Williamsburg, Virginia" by The J. Smith Archive

Blackbeard’s Pirates, captured in 1718, were imprisoned here before being hanged. Debtors and criminals were confined here. Pillory, stocks, and whipping post are favorite camera subjects today. 23 more words

From Flickr: "Patrick Henry in the Virginia House of Burgesses - Williamsburg, Virginia" by The J. Smith Archive

Patrick Henry cries out against taxation of the colonies without their consent in the Paramount-Colonial Williamsburg film "Williamsburg – The Story of a Patriot." The House of Burgesses is in the Capitol, one of eight-exhibition buildings of Williamsburg, Virginia, open daily to the public. 23 more words