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What the fuck is/was Post Modernism?

Post Modernism

is a philosophical, cultural and artistic movement, which originated in the late 20th century. Post modernism took modernism, which rejected the traditions of religious institutions and enlightenment thinking, one step forward by basically writing off all previously held notions of truth. 244 more words


Sign - Signifier/Signified

At the moment, I feel that I am trying to take a crash course in learning the POMO jargon.  I HAVE wondered if not knowing clearly about signs and semiotics is down to something I have significantly missed between my ACCESS course and my FdA English; stuff other students may have learnt, but was not part of the ACCES syllabus. 147 more words

FdA English Studies

Voices In the Head

’tis slightly overcast.

well ’tis totally overcast.

Not a speck of blue

dares peek through

yonder lofty cloudy carpet!

“How rude of it!”

Says a voice in my head. 225 more words


The interview.

On Thursday 5th March I (along with Jeff Robertson) interviewed Wellesley Binding with the intention of gaining an insight into his creative practice and studio processes. 386 more words


Cregan, K. 2006. The Sociology of the Body.

Cregan, Kate. 2006. The Sociology of the Body. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Sociology often focuses on minds or social relations of bodies (individuals), but rarely bodies themselves. 1,641 more words

Gender Theory

S/O Six Sugars, Please

I’m in terrific pain
Yes, a pain building up inside of me,
And out into my big toe
For you see, it has been stubbed… 39 more words


GoFundMe Shuts Down Page for Christian Bakers Forced to Pay $135K to Lesbian Couple

from The Oregonian:

Late Friday night, anyone looking for the GoFundMe page set up to help the Gresham bakers facing a large unlawful discrimination award would have hit a dead end. 166 more words

Signs Of The Times