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Great stories happen to people who can tell them~Ira Glass

Okay, so I know three things for sure. One: I am scared shitless of the real world and being an adult.

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Summer Adventures Part 5

The LAST post of my Summer Adventures! Eeek! TOMORROW, yes tomorrow, I will be departing for LA and San Diego of SDCC. I literally cannot wait. 149 more words


Leaving is the scariest part

I graduated from college in the Fall, and I’m still searching for a job. It’s crazy to me that to be considered for an entry-level job you have to have 1-3 years experience, and unfortunately I didn’t have the option of working multiple unpaid internships during college because I had rent, car payments, insurance, loans, food, and gas to pay for as I’m sure a lot of people my age also had to do. 537 more words


George Street & Good Company (Well, for the Most Part)

After living in New Brunswick for nearly a year, I know a thing or two about nightlife. Hell, as a Rutgers graduate, I’d say I’m well versed in all matters of the good, the bad, and the WTF when it comes to nights dedicated to drinking, dancing, and then some. 744 more words

Post Grad

52 Lies We All Tell Ourselves

Everyone lies from time to time– whether we are willing to admit it or not. The thing is that most of the lies we tell are small, little white lies that we actually sometimes don’t even say out loud. 523 more words


Update: Post-Grad Life and South Carolina

Hello there! Long time no type! I’m happy to announce that on May 2, 2015, I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. 518 more words

South Carolina

Kicking off July 4th Weekend with a New 'Do

A few posts ago, I talked about wanting to try out a new look. Well, it looks like I actually did the damn thing. Only instead of going for a “lob,” my stylist was all, “Eh, just go shorter, it’ll grow anyway,” and the low and behold, I walk out of the salon with a BOB. 184 more words

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