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17 Signs You're Depressed, Confused, And Want To F*cking Hibernate

1. When you first open the shutters in the morning, you become instantly repulsed and enraged by how bright the world is. “HEY SUN, CAN YOU JUST CALM DOWN A LITTLE??!” 377 more words

Post Grad?

So as some of you may know, or non of you may know, who really knows (to much?) I am a second year student studying Anthropology with a Minor in Classics. 572 more words

FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – April 17th, 2015!

WOOHOO! I’ve reached the weekend before my vacation and I’M DYING TO GET OUT OF HERE! AHHHH! I’m so excited to take my trip! That said, this will definitely be my last FTF post for this month! 458 more words

Personal Finance

Meet a Stranger: Chelsea Wallace

Chelsea is a writer! That’s exciting for a fellow writer/journalism student like me because she’s actually a success story. Through her blog you can get a taste of… 1,013 more words


Why You Should Ignore Your Significant Other and Study Abroad

During the course of this week, one of my best friends has been sending me envious pictures via Snapchat of the Eiffel Tower’s light show and Disney Land Paris. 764 more words


10 Decent Things That Happen When You Graduate College That No One Tells You About

This one is for all of the seniors out there who aren’t ready to graduate yet. That’s where I was a year ago, but I promise there are some good things coming your way! 398 more words

You Cat to Be Kitten Me

If there’s one creature in this world that I could never reach full understanding of, and I’m not referring to Godzilla or Big Foot here, it’s my cat. 1,221 more words