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Bunkers for Sho3box

As requested, some shots of two bunkers made from electrical junction boxes and assorted gribbly bits. Made these years ago. Might be time for a trip to Home Depot and try my hand at some new structures. 68 more words

Science Fiction

My Favorite Post-Apocalypse Movies of the 1970's...

And now we’ve come to the 70’s.  There is just something cool about the movies made during that time and the post-apocalypse genre was really coming into it’s own.   2,691 more words


Watching the End of the World - 20

Two hours passed and Nate woke up Akila and went back down the ladder. Tony was no longer in the warehouse. Tamara and Jordynn were sprawled out on the couch and the love seat. 170 more words

Action And Adventure

What If Humans Disappeared?

A zombie apocalypse is right around the corner if you believe anything the Walking Dead has to say. And with the rise of post-apocalyptic storytelling in Young Adult literature ( 56 more words


Wolfhead - Charles L Harness (1978)


It was in the light of the swift star ‘God’s Eye’ – said to have been thrown aloft by the Ancients before the Desolation – that Beatra was captured by raiders from under the Earth. 780 more words


Free review copies?

It’s true. I’m trying to build reviews and I need your help. (Just picture one of those old Uncle Sam wants you posters, but imagine me, who you don’t know from a stick in the mud – hint: I’m the one who doesn’t look like a stick in the mud – in place of Uncle Sam and you as…well, you.) 164 more words

Action And Adventure

Omega Cop (1990)

When you’ve got a film where the title is probably the cleverest thing about it, you might be in trouble a little. When it’s also a vanity production for its martial arts champion star, you’re really really in trouble. 605 more words