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Watching the End of the World - the hostage

Caleb walked into the common room. Santiago was sitting at the table with Jordynn and Tamara. The women flanked him, both sitting quite close to him. 443 more words


Watching the End of the World - Maha's story

Jenna was sitting on the roof, the darkness outside her mirroring the darkness inside her, when she heard someone coming up the ladder. “Who’s there?” she called. 1,368 more words


Micro-fiction 018 - Falling (Robot series)


The mother robot plummets from the skies, trying find her frightened daughter. Will she make it before the vengeful humans do?

Robots | Falling. 1,278 more words


First Trailer for MAGGIE! The Arnold Schwarzenegger Zombie Film That's Not What You'd Expect!

If you thought Arnold Schwarzenegger in a zombie film then you’d probably be thinking of something quite different. This is not a big, bombastic, action-packed post apocalyptic movie. 100 more words

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Watching the End of the World - Nate gets captured 6

When no alarm was raised, he sat up and looked around. The camp was still quiet but it occurred to him that he could see the sleeping men more clearly than before. 856 more words


In-Flight Entertainment by Helen Simpson

Helen Simpson’s collection of short stories can easily be described by her chosen title – as in-flight entertainment. You could quite easily pick up these 144 pages in an airport terminal and devour them as you cross the skies. 764 more words


Watching the End of the World - Nate gets captured 5

Nate was dragged to a wooden post near the center of the camp. A heavy, rusted chain was looped around it. They kicked his legs out from under him and he was held down while the other end of the chain was padlocked to his ankle. 880 more words