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Working out: The Internal Benefits

Working out our muscles and increasing our heart rate has long been shown to be advantageous.  We are encouraged to get a workout in each day to improve our life expectancy, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and overall become healthier.   516 more words


7 Sights of Saskatoon

Ah Saskatchewan. The one province that is continually misspelt and under-appreciated. Too small (population-wise, anyway), too flat, too cold, too hot, too buggy, too redneck… whatever excuse you want, I’ve heard it. 870 more words


Day After My Bicycle Crash

So today was a good day. It could have been a lot worse considering the circumstances, and what happened yesterday. A lot of people would have taken it pretty badly and a lot probably better than I did but here’s how it went roughly. 357 more words


The Magic of Life

This is from a conversation I had with someone who has become very bitter with life, and says that life is not fair and is just filled with endless disappointment. 478 more words


Blackout Part 1

To all my followers, again I apologize for not posting often…

A storm/flash flood happened in the area I live a few days ago. If came from out of no where, and if you live in Louisiana it reminded you of tropical storm/hurricane winds. 183 more words


Things to Do More Often // Positivity Part I

Hello lovelies!  I decided that July needed to be the month where MSP goes positive.  Meaning: a ton of positivity posts ranging from body confidence to in general making habits to stay happier.   647 more words


Don't worry, be happy!

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”- Voltaire

If you read my last blog post you know I’m on a journey of finding myself and being the best me that I could possibly be. 559 more words

Be Yourself