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Lauren is one of my girls whom I have driven to school for the past three years. Almost every morning when I drive her to school we talk about this church and how awesome it would be to do a photo shoot there….so after a couple of years…we finally did it. 62 more words


Almost Infectious

sown young with grains of optimism
a throng of high-pitched voices giggle
their vocal chords will change
sequestered in my studio
their party is in the other room… 123 more words

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Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

New favorite pastime for these two is playing in the curtains. There are two huge windows in the nursery–one window for each, but of course there are days when they both want the SAME window.  52 more words


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Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

1. – 3. Planting fruit trees. We now have “Tony,” the Starking sweet cherry tree (AKA: “The Iron Tree”), “Stella,” the mate for Tony (also sweet cherries), and “Goldie,” our Golden Delicious apple tree. 141 more words


TI V11 Start Line Portraits

A few quick portraits from the start line of Trans Iowa V11. These folks inspire me.

These are all JPEG conversions and sent to phone. I may edit and reupload improved versions. 20 more words


Finished Self Portrait 

Sorry for leaving ya hangin. I know it’s been a bit but I finally have my stitched self-portrait for you to see. I ended up finishing it with a bit of acrylic paint and yarn accents. 33 more words