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5 Ways to Build Your Portfolio Early in Your Career

Whether you’re applying for jobs, working with a mentor, or even just networking with peers, people often want to see your portfolio before considering working with you further. 483 more words

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More Than Guns and Oil

The passions that fueled the revolution were soon replaced by disillusionment with the stagnating democratic process. However, a number of institutions have emerged recently to rekindle the creative energies unleashed by the 2011 uprising. 181 more words


A Brief History of Falafel

A famous postcard from Israel, sold at most tourist and souvenir shops, depicts a large falafel sandwich against a black background. A miniature Israeli flag sticks prominently on top and the words, “Falafel: Israel’s National Snack” are emblazoned above. 131 more words


One Year After the Libyan Revolution

It was in front of a small courthouse in the city of Benghazi, Libya, one year ago when the impossible hopes and dreams of millions of Libyans became tangible. 66 more words


Whiz Kid Schools MIT Grads

In less than three years, 13-year-old Quin Etnyre learned to programme electronics, created his own company, and began teaching MIT graduates in his spare time. 58 more words


Syrian-Americans Divided Over Strikes

Opinion polls show a strong majority of Americans oppose US military action in Syria. But how do Syrian Americans feel about President Barack Obama’s call for a strike on their homeland? 84 more words