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The U.S. dollar index

The American dollar had an incredible run for nearly a year before it began to falter a month or so ago. Now one technical strategist sees the recent slide as just the beginning of the dollar’s decline. 25 more words


Major Makeover for Paris’ Hotel Regina

The finishing touches are being made on a $19 million renovation of the five-star Hotel Regina, located in front of the Louvre on the Rue du Rivoli. 100 more words


Meet China’s Young and Rebellious Hip-Hop Dancers

In China, where personal expression is often discouraged, a group of young dancers are riding the wave of an imported cultural phenomenon, appropriating the highly individual hip-hop genre to transform it into a choreographed group performance. 478 more words

Unit 32: Lovely Experimentation

Why are you always doing experiments? – My mum.

I’ve definitely enjoyed this unit. I guess I’m someone that enjoys experimental techniques and although I didn’t use printmaking, liquid light or any type of darkroom technique for my final project, I really had fun doing everything.

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短片【起飛】的製作 + Exclusive Drone Footages - The Making of [TAKE OFF]


也因此可以讓更多的junior 來繼續電影的創作,繼續傳承。

想要製作【起飛】的念頭,是在去年年尾的時候,當時聽了 M83 的 Wait, 很有感覺。



由於是最後一部,想要留一個新的開始給junior, 所以想要來個總結,把一切帶回原點,塑造【重新開始】的感覺。



跟以往不同的是,我不衹是在運動會當天回去拍攝,也在sukan saringan 和另外的兩天回去。因爲有很多運動,比如跳遠和鉛球是沒有在運動會當天進行的。


Pre-Production 方面,找來了我的senior Ken, 也是我的上一部短片【琵琶夢】的攝影指導,Ken 是一位專業的航拍攝影師,想説用他的drone 一定可以拍到很美的畫面。

然後找來了2012年畢業的黃組的兩位leader來進行訪談,想説把上一代人和下一代人做個鏈接,所以【起飛】里是有齊2012,2013,2014,2015畢業的學生。 51 more words


Happy 4th of July!

Sorry, this is a little late. Happy 4th of July from Get Fancy Photography