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You Do Not Deserve to Watch Pornography

For a moment, pretend that masturbating to pornography is not a sin. As it stands, you have not earned the right to experience the pleasure of pornography. 336 more words


Is There Freedom From the Grip of Pornography?

There are many addictions that pervade our society and the church is certainly not immune from the destruction they bring. A couple behemoths, alcohol and drugs have been on the forefront for decades. 519 more words


Counter Culture: Session 13, Pornography

Tuesdays’ session addressed a topic that is affecting many aspect of society.  The topic; pornography!  Pornography Tuesdays, once a small category, has now catapulted to the front, leading almost ll industiries in sales and popularity.   894 more words


Imagining the Osama bin Laden porn collection

The U.S. has started releasing some of the material Navy Seals took during the successful 2011 raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. 179 more words

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Masturbation-Mass Debate?

In this day and age, it would be rare to find someone who has truthfully not engaged or thought of engaging in the wonderful art of masturbation. 622 more words


Mending Broken Hearts: Marital All-Stars

I struggled in writing this, hoping to get the tone just right.  My intention is to provide hope and support to someone.  I sincerely hope that comes across.  1,761 more words

Marriage And Family Therapy