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I have to candidly admit that this movie enlightened me to something I had no idea existed:
Mom Porn.
Honestly, I had no clue.
In fact, I was so mystified by what I saw that I immediately came home and forced my partner, John, to read the first one hundred pages aloud to me while I repeated, “yeah, you like reading bad books out loud, dont’cha boy?” (Trust me, it’s better that way.) 426 more words

LOUDINNI Reviews: "Jupiter Ascending"

“Please, just call me Jupe!”

Not only is this my favorite line in this astonishing mess but also what, I assume will be,  the title song when this is turned into a Broadway musical.  402 more words

LOUDINNI Reviews: "Mortdecai"

I took a bullet for you all on this one. This movie needed two things to be a success: Blake Edwards and Dudley Moore. It reminded me of just how brilliant Edwards was at making this kind of madcap,crazy romp. 264 more words

"LOUDINNI Reviews: "The Boy Next Door"

It is very exciting to know that JLo has finally found a fellow artist that can give her butt a run for its money in Ryan Guzman. 307 more words

LOUDINNI Reviews: "American Sniper"

This movie really pissed me off.
It’s another self-righteous, expertly made, patriotic snuff film from Clint Eastwood.
Once again, Clint can’t decide whether war is the worst or the coolest thing ever as he continues to explore/celebrate all things romance-machismo about killing for your country. 220 more words