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Population, power and safe shale.

  • With all the talk of politics and the not-too-far-off election, there is little talk of the power needs of the expanding population.
  • Developing shale gas in the UK is, really is, an election issue in the UK.
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Bill Butterworth

Population Control: Radioactive Maxi-Pads

UNITED NATIONS – China’s war on women features forced abortions, the murder of female infants and now a new outrage: radioactive sanitary napkins.

A shipment of more than half a ton of radioactive sanitary napkins made in China was seized at the Beirut airport Friday, the Daily Star reports. 803 more words


Paradise Stolen - The Myth of Overpopulation  

The proposed mandates of Agenda 21 are indeed designed to convince people to welcome the idea of living in stack-and-pack cities micromanaged by a central authority with full control of all resources, lest we tear each other to pieces over resource wars.

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Eye-opening 8 minutes and 19 seconds....


To dispel one of the MOST POWERFUL myths being thrown around the world today, one which I have always felt, in my bones, to be a crafted false-hood, watch this:

Hug thy neighbour ;-)


The jigsaw of energy, food and land

  •  As population grows, so food demand increases.
  • As population grows, so available farm land decreases
  • As population grows, so energy demand increases.
  • There are solutions to this apparent conflict.
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Bill Butterworth