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It’s the Bomb! … March 30, 2015

How does one stop the unstoppable? Worse than a leaky ceiling, how Do you stop something that has the mind to thwart you?

I have contemplated this before: The unstoppable juggernaut that is… 530 more words


The Future is Fine

I reviewed a book last week, and when I was done, asked the author if I could get a guest post from him elaborating on some of the concepts in the book. 681 more words


How Agricultural Science Struggled to Defuse the Population Bomb

Another talk! So many talks recently… But this time I was back with the welcoming home crowd at the University of Leeds, finally presenting on my PhD thesis! 917 more words

Environmental History

Population control critical to climate solution: Paul Ehrlich

Ecologist Paul Ehrlich shocked the world in 1968 with publication of ‘The Population Bomb,’ co-written with wife, biologist Anne Ehrlich. 46 years later, he says main thing he got wrong was impact that doubling of world population to 7.2 billion would have on global climate system. 87 more words

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Obola Virus

In 1968, Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich penned the bestselling book “The Population Bomb.”

Since then, little has been done to… 1,113 more words