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Relationships: 17 Questions to Ask Him in the Dating Phase to Know Him Properly

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The way he stares at you and licks his lips, has you screaming inside

Hot guys use these tactics on first dates all the time… 742 more words


Relationships: The Quickest Way to Get a Man to Fall For You

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Ladies the first thing is to figure out what you want

A casual fling or a relationship?

¬†^^^¬†These are 2 separate entities in a man’s mind… 446 more words


Video: Do You Have a Love & Hate Relationship With Black Men?

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If your answer is yes maaam, this post for you

You used to love black men but you can’t stand the sight of them anymore… 1,210 more words


The dating scene - Women's edition

I could make this short and sweet.

Life isn’t a popularity contest. And that’s it.

But i will add a bit more. Do you want to find the right one that you trust and want to spend your life with? 160 more words