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GHDI Finishers, Realms, Soundtracks, & More!

Hiya, Silver Wolf here! This time we’re going to give a little overview of GHD’s Map Finishers, Mystery of the Map, Poptropica Soundtracks… Keep reading to find out more! 313 more words


GHD For All, Myserty of the Map, PopStorms, & More

Great news! Galactic Hot Dogs Island is now out for all. We will try to have a guide for the island soon, but in the meantime, the Poptropica Creators have their… 168 more words


Poptropica Realms Hats and a new Xat Chat Box on this Blog!!

Hi everyone! It’s been quite a long time since I haven’t posted anything (Lots of school homework and exams… you know.)

But there’s some news in Pop! 202 more words

New Store Items

GHDI, Poptropica Accounts Mobile, & More!

Hiya, Silver Wolf here! It’s been 12 days since our last post (sorry about that), but we have some more to come: Your Poptropica account on the app, Galactic Hot Dogs, Biome Hats… Keep reading to find out more. 443 more words


My First iPhone, and The Top Ten Best Apps! (Shhh...and extras!!)

Hey guys! So, I’ve got some great news! One, I finally got an iPhone! It’s my dad’s old one, it’s black (an otterbox) and pretty beat up, but I love it. 856 more words

Realm Creations, Island Sneak Peeks, & More

The amount of updates dude… I just can’t… *Ahem* Okay! We can do this!

First up, some amazing Poptropica Realms creations that the Poptropica Creators thought were worth sharing. 107 more words


Ads: Odd Squad, BoxTrolls, & Strange Magic

Hey guys! There are a few new ads on Poptropica, which can be found on Main Streets such as those on Spy Island, Early Poptropica, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 169 more words