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Poppyseeds and orange cookies

I based myself on a recipe from this book. I adapted the recipe a bit: in the book, they use grinded poppyseeds but I like it when my cookies are a bit more cruncy so I added them without grinding. 330 more words

Bake It

Lemon & Poppyseed Cupcakes

I am not a very experienced baker (something I would like to improve) but from time to time I give it a go. Three reasons for it: I am not very patient, I don’t have a feeling for when the cakes/cupcakes/tarts are done in the oven, I find it hard to stick to the exact measures as I don’t usually do that when cooking. 573 more words

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Purim: Poppyseed filling with a Persian-style twist

Tonight is Purim, when we dress up in costume, make fun of dire villains and dull kings, cheer modest heroes and most of all praise a heroic woman, Esther, who risked everything to change the king’s addled mind and spare the Jews of the Persian empire. 1,743 more words



Here is a recipe for a delicious cake from Alice Water’s cookbook, The Art of Simple Food II.  Great for a weekend brunch and it keeps at room temperature for several days after baking. 314 more words


Stir fried potato and carrots in poppy seeds paste

Today I got notified that its my blogging anniversary and that its been two years that I started this blog!!! vow!!! I cannot believe how fast the year 2014 flew by!! 438 more words

Main Course

Lemon Poppyseed Cake

I made this cake on Christmas Eve because I didn’t want a heavy cream cake this year as a dessert. There is usually so much food that eating cake afterwards becomes a challenge. 323 more words


Wholemeal Seed Bread

If I haven’t said it enough already, I love love LOVE making my own bread. The smell, the taste of freshly baked bread! Kneading away all your worries – therapy in a bowl Stop me if I am repeating myself! 276 more words