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Pope Says Nepal Earthquake is an 'Act of God' and Calls for Change

Pope Francis has come out in a statement saying that the horrific 7.8 Nepal earthquake was an “act of God which we should all pay attention to.” As an admittedly ‘different’ kind of Pope, he has asked for people, not just Catholics, world-wide to take action. 139 more words


Didn’t Vatican II Change All That?

While the Church cannot change its understanding of what constitutes “the Church” any more than it can admit more than one truth, it does teach that non-Catholic Christians share in the graces given to and dispensed from the Catholic Church. 498 more words


Primacy of Peter

Few teachings of the Catholic Church have aroused more discomfort among non-Catholics and non-Christians as the Church’s claim that it is the only visible institution founded by Jesus Christ and that full unity with Christ’s Church is attained only in communion with the pope of Rome. 902 more words




Now today Tubularsock was in the process of cleaning his underground solar panels that provide off-grid power to Tubularsock’s top floor corner office of his underground bunker that overlooks Washington, D.C. 1,195 more words

2016 Presidential Election

The heart still beats, even when it is scorned....

The beating heart is at the core of who we are without missing a beat,

on the outside there may come chaos, as the inside is warm with love, 262 more words


In Search Of Roman Sights

On Sunday February 15th, I finally experienced the peaceful Roman exploration I’d dreamed of when I first arrived.

Empty streets, blue sky – #Rome #nofilter…

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There can be no heaven without hell.

The Bible is considered to be the Good Book, and the Gospel Truth. We swear an oath in court with one hand on a Bible, and have as our motto, “In God We Trust”. 598 more words