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The EDM Dictionary: Big Room (n. or adj.)


Big room is a commercial style of EDM made for big clubs, festivals, and arenas. Like pop music, it is designed for mass appeal in order to generate large profits for the artist. 230 more words


What does "Verge" by Owl City mean?

Owl City’s coming out with a new album-Mobile Orchestra-on July 10th, and the first song (the only one released so far) is “Verge” which features Aloe Blacc, the memorable voice in Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” There’s a lyric video out (just below), and a Vevo behind-the-scenes video has already dropped in anticipation of a full-on music video that will use graduation imagery to support the song’s main idea of being “[o]ut on the verge of the rest of our lives.” 1,176 more words

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My First Vinyl Experiences

As the 60’s came to an end there must have been a huge ‘what’s next’ question mark hanging over the nation. In 1970 the Beatles split, I can’t even remember this which is weird as I can remember the 70s considerably better than last week, I can remember Hendrix dying which at the time I considered no great loss as I had found his guitar styling s somewhat unpleasant to my 11 year old ears. 844 more words


The Indy Froot Harvest Comes Early with the Help of Marina and the Diamonds

This week, Wednesday at 7:30pm to be exact, Marina and the Diamonds will be serving Naptown a healthy helping of Froot. And while you may be thinking to yourself, “she isn’t even from here…” You’re right, but she will be here – which makes this a concert you won’t want to miss. 314 more words



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“In order to get to the future, you have to go to the past,” he told the Free Press. I try to instill that you learn from the masters in your presence and go back and forward from there.

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05/24/2015 Day 144 - A Song You Got Sick of Because of the Radio

It’s been a few years since I really listened to the radio long enough and often enough to get sick of hearing a song. However, I was never really a big fan of this song in the first place so when it began to be overplayed, it was met with personal grunts. 79 more words

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WATCH: Jason Derulo Takes Us Through His Abs Workout

Want fab abs like Jason Derulo?? The you gotta work out like Jason Derulo! You will need to work up to his speed though because he is super strong. 14 more words