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Kill la Kill: The Magic's in What You Wear

As much as I’m into seinen anime and manga that deals with more mature themes and plots, I’m not above a little high-octane, devil-may-care action and adventure now and then. 720 more words

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Life is Strange, Episode Three: Chaos Theory: Friends Get Closer, Things Fall Apart

There are a few things that get me really excited right now. The Netflix series Marvel’s Daredevil. The movie Ex Machina. And of course, the 5-part video game  625 more words

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Ex Machina: Creating and Twisting Minds for Fun

Science fiction is easily my favorite genre above all else. It’s a genre built on exploring new ideas, often through new or exotic technology. Of course, most movies, books, video games, and TV shows prefer the trappings of science fiction rather than the substance. 631 more words

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A Look Back at Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

In light of the recent passing of Sir Terry Pratchett, I’ve decided to look into some of his books again and relive the magic of his words. 639 more words

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Broken Age, Act 2: Puzzles, Pastels, and Cranial Pains

If you’re a fan of the old point-and-click adventures games from the Nineties (or if you read my review from last year), then you probably know all about the hype surrounding Tim Schafer’s  712 more words

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Living Lies by Kate Mathis: Dead Drops and Blind Dates

When I went to WonderCon earlier this month, I had the good fortune of meeting a young author named Kate Mathis, who was giving away copies of her book and drumming up interest among the other attendees. 576 more words

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Past vs. Present Mayweather vs. Ali...Symbols of an Era (A Blog by Jack)

This Blog is analysis of two Iconic figures in the Sports World of Boxing.

Up first, we have a fighter who is often regarded as the Greatest of all-time, Muhammad Ali. 891 more words

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