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Remembering the great Leonard Nimoy the Step On magazine way

We’ll leave the full and proper obituaries to the New York Times and such, who do it best, but we want to remember Leonard Nimoy in our own way with a review of our favourite non-Star Trek  (and other work) performance: as a Columbo villain. 482 more words

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13 Absurd and Design-Savvy Vintage Employee Handbooks

Today’s employee manuals just can’t compare to the handbooks of yesterday, with their quaint rules and vintage designs. Corporate rulemakers like Disney and Playboy asked a lot of their employees in order to maintain a strict order and image-focused facade that launched each organization to the top of the pop culture charts. 414 more words

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Everybody's working for the weekend: Not really anymore

Everybody’s working for the weekend: Not really anymore

Adjustments are never easy. Especially ones of the mind or spine for that matter. These days my life is all one big adjustment. 687 more words


BHM Blog Series: National Attention on the Natural Hair Movement

Last year was a monumental year for the natural hair movement.  I don’t remember seeing as much media attention on natural hair, TV shows focused to the topic, natural hair products in stores, or social events dedicated to natural curls.  601 more words

Film Review: Intruder - Clean up on aisle gore!

Intruder (Unrated Director’s Cut) 1989, Horror Director: Scott Spiegel, Writers: Lawrence Bender & Scott Spiegel

Clean up on aisle gore!

Oh, the era of the awesome 80’s cheesy horror movies. 436 more words

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Who the Freak is A: PLL Rewatch Season 1

I’ve you been keeping up with me you’ll know that I’ve been re-watching the first season of Pretty Little Liars in anticipation of the Big A reveal in 3 weeks. 520 more words


The Secret, "Dank" Lives of Maraschino Cherries: Links You Need to See

Nostalgia has ruined the world, but what’s a world for if not ruining? That’s the question asked by Cat Frazier, a 23-year-old graphic designer who runs… 451 more words

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