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Get Your Dirty Booty... This Is The Nastiest Couple EVER!!! [video]

I’ve heard of some weird relationship fetishes… But this takes the cake. When you think of freaky fore play, what comes to mind??? Sucking toes, eating booty, etc. 73 more words

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The Face of the working poor

That is the face of the working poor. At this time of year we are bombarded with images and stories of the unfortunate folks that are too poor to provide gifts for their families. 302 more words

Flatulence, it's vices and virtues

Philosophy: Dissipation is a gas passers friend.

Flatulence: Other common names include passing gas, breaking wind, ripping one off, letting one go, pooting, farting, shooie. These are the end resultsof the same action, some people just apply different names to them. 1,776 more words