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On re-designed bus passes:

This government just doesn’t know when to stop making the lives of the disabled even harder.  You’ve already taken away most, and in some cases, all of our support, but then also take the few we are left with and make them as user unfriendly as possible.  897 more words


Seen from the bottom:

Although on occasion some attention has been given to standout cases of neglect by the media, those are mostly second hand accounts, or accounts of special cases where someone has affected a rescue.  1,804 more words


When needs become wants:

I did manage to peel myself of the bed at my pup’s urging, took him outside, it would appear, just a little late.  Poor dear, he was upset and cared I’d be angry.  1,017 more words


How To Cure Bad Breath Forever

How to get rid of poor breath Forever. Residence treatments to get rid of bad breath fast. Ways to get rid of bad breath at home. 10 more words

They Just Don't Wanna Work!

I’ll just assume that the prevailing notion that many able bodied people prefer life on welfare to working (bums) is commonly thought as the reason persons find themselves dependent on “welfare”.  103 more words


How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place

Today we pray for the many dwelling places of God in our world. We pray for the high places, the mountains, the great views that bring man feel that God is near. 264 more words