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Poultry Ponderings

The past few months, we’ve had many new chicks hatch out here on the farm—31 to be exact. In the past the farm has often bought chicks from hatcheries to replace the hens in the laying flock, but we’re hoping to soon develop a plan that would allow us to hatch out enough chicks on the farm to replace old hens, instead of purchasing from someone else. 338 more words

Farm Life

Memory Lane: 01

It’s sometime in 2014.

I think it’s March or April.

I’m standing in my living room.

My eyes come to rest on an old Canon. 183 more words


The Crowd

We are one you and I.

You and I are one.

Cut from the same cloth.

You and I are one.

Our fears.

Our joys. 73 more words



I’ve just had a moment.  You know, one of those moments where the weight of your reality hits you, bam! Right between the eyes. That moment when the shock prevents you from knowing if you’re going to be just momentarily stunned, or in a horrendous amount of pain, the sheer scale of realisation enough to take you out completely. 181 more words


Prayer prompt for Sunday, July 5

Let us be like Abraham who believed in God “against all hope” (Romans 4:18). What do you need to trust God about today?


Pleasantly surprised (Prayer Devotional for the week of July 5, 2015)

It sure is nice when things work out the way we’d hoped they would, but sometimes we act surprised about things that we should have expected, all along. 375 more words