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Beware, Internets Might Lie...


Yet again we are warned from the false information what the social media spills. Not every sad story on Facebook/Twitter is true?! The hell you say, people LIE on the internet?! 324 more words


Prayer prompt for Tuesday, March 3

Do you ever feel snowed under? (Not literally, but what about emotionally/spiritually?) Hunker down with God in prayer during those times.



While having an Eminem marathon on Youtube the other day I came across his song The Monster featuring Rhianna. Now I have heard this song plenty of times before but for some reason it has resonated with me now. 378 more words


Prayer prompt for Monday, March 2

When life knocks you down & you feel broken, does it make you bitter, or do you turn to the Lord during those times of frustration?


Nothing Left

Sometimes, when nothing is left,
What is the worst that could happen?
To have left nothing.


The Only Thing That Is Constant...

…is change.

Lately, I’ve been doing this thing where I have this great idea and I run right up to it and think “Yes! This is it! 541 more words