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Following up on my post on irreverence.

The conversation on irreverence and “flawed” gods is continuing here. Ember and I (and others who have joined in) are having a really good conversation about emotion, duty, hierarchy, authority, Gods, mirth, and more.   52 more words


Respecting Flawed Gods

Galina Krasskova has a new post addressing the problem of disrespecting the gods with our choices of how to describe Them.

I agree with Galina that calling the gods – or anyone – “petty” and “whiny” is diminishing, and that’s disrespectful. 917 more words

Religion And Spirituality

The Bane of Casual Irreverence

Last night in one of my classes, two students were giving a joint presentation on what they called “the figure known as Asherah, Anat, Ishtar, and Aphrodite.” Obviously right away, a polytheist is going to have trouble with the compression of these Deities into one cross-cultural, trans-national figure. 1,151 more words


Zaidman and Pantel, "Religion in the Ancient Greek City"

As I announced in a previous post, I am taking a seminar this quarter on ancient Mediterranean religions and their relation to Christian origins. In particular, we are looking at the Greek (and sometimes Roman and Egyptian) polytheistic religions that were predominant in the regions of the Mediterranean that Christianity first originated and spread within. 2,663 more words


KRT: Kemeticism is a Journey

how has your practice changed since you started out? How did you find your place within the Kemetic sphere? Are there things you do now that you didn’t then? 1,933 more words


Lucifer & Loki | The Serpent's Labyrinth

“Loki has a history pretty much Everywhere. To say Loki gets around is the understatement of the century. Why does Loki seem to know so many gods from so many different pantheons and have been so many different places?

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Remarks on Capital, Women's Liberation, and Deicide

By John Monroe

In particular, Marx neglects the role of the witch-hunts, which was a major war on women where hundreds of thousands of women were arrested, tortured, killed, burned on village squares.

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