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A Further Note on Ritual and Power

As we jumpstart the discussion of Heathenry and ritual, I’m seeing a lot of folks mistaking powerful rituals for those rituals that are elaborate, complicated, and “high church.” I want to note that a ritual can be very, very simple. 321 more words


Polytheist Public Shrine Project - Reboot!

Roughly a decade ago, maybe longer, my friend Krei S. started the “public altar project.” With this project she encouraged Pagans, Heathens, and Polytheists of all stripes to create shrines – temporary, ephemeral, often with found objects – in public places for the Gods. 633 more words


The Problem of Ritual Within Heathenry

Today I saw an article by Scott Mohnkern on Heathenry, one that touched on the typical aesthetic of Heathen rituals and why they are so often devoid of beauty or power. 1,829 more words


Fundraising for the Bakcheion

For the last couple of months I’ve had the privilege of working with a great team of dedicated Dionysians in the temporary guild called the Bakcheion. 167 more words


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30DoB: Day 1

What religion or spirituality do you follow? If its your own creation, what is its name and why? If you don’t have a name for your spiritual path why? 272 more words


More activity

In attempt to be more active here (among other reasons) I have decided to do one of the 30/31 days of (devotional) polytheism/paganism/belief/witchcraft/etc. memes. There’s a few floating around but the one I have chosen actually comes from a tumblr blog which now seems to be closed. 445 more words


The Meaning of Devotion, Emoi Ge. | Magick From Scratch

Devotion is about pulling my weight. If I am being dragged, that is not devotion. It is the opposite.

via The Meaning of Devotion, Emoi Ge. 36 more words