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Polyglottic Aspirations

Polyglot aspirations by the year 2020*.  Seems reasonable, I mean if I really try, in five years I should be able to speak more than just English right? 232 more words

Pop Culture

The Seven Deadly Sins (of Language Learning)

Yeah hi! I’m Alaina and I’m doing the first blog on “language sins”; cool! This is from my other/old blog, thoughtsfromawannabelinguist. 1,085 more words

Something embarrassing happened...

I was in an interview and I asked my interviewer if he spoke German (I asked in English). He replied to me in German and for a second, it all sounded like gibberish. 187 more words


What is a Polyglot?

Well hello there.  It seems you’ve stumbled upon that weird side of the internet again where magical unicorns and dancing rainbows live. Kidding. It’s really bad when I can’t even laugh at my own jokes. 573 more words


Mongolian yurts (ger)

Today’s blog post will be about Mongolian ger – or yurts – which literally simply means home . The term yurt is of Turkic origin and originally only referred to the mark on the ground left behind by a yurt that has been moved elsewhere and by extension to a person’s homeland and clan. 153 more words


There’s a seventeen-year-old in New York who has taught himself twenty-three languages. Insane! Here’s a list of what he speaks…

Russian… 179 more words


Cultural and educational TV in French and German "arte"

For those of you who would like to improve or practice their hearing comprehension in French or German, but who do not like the usual low-quality programs of mainstream television and who prefer to watch educational programs and documentaries about culture, history, politics, geography, sciences and topics of current interest and good movies, the French-German cultural TV station “arte” might be interesting for you. 59 more words