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What A Transformation! Miracles And Magical Stuff

This morning, as I was walking along the beautiful Algarvean cliff tops near my home with my super cute dog Frankie, I had a flashback to one of the first blog posts I ever wrote. 581 more words

The Gratitude Experiment

Try this little experiment…

Set aside 10 minutes today to think about, write down, or (my personal favourite) talk to yourself out loud about, everything in your life you have to feel grateful for.  263 more words

Poetry Explorations

I never was very good at the whole poetry thing. That sounds complete inarticulate, but to be honest my talent was always in the emotion driving a plot, and the characters that felt real to others, that were imperfect beings, with no Mary Sues or Pollyannas (though I shamefully admit I loved her as a child). 342 more words


Creating heroes and villains - why good is bad and evil is fun

Today is another in our Round Robin series, and this month’s topic is pretty deep: “There is a precipice each character stands on–one side is too good to be true, the other side too evil to exist. 663 more words


Glad, stuff and nonsense

Sometimes we all need to be thankful. For what and who we have in our lives. I may be under an ever changing shadow right now but I can still be thankful for my family, my friends, my pets, my life and my faculties. 195 more words

Pollyanna Principle

Just imagine if there had to be a balance.

Every negative was paired with a positive.

A bit naive, but just imagine.

Food For Thought