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Another Semi-Star Witness Shows Up

 DATELINE: Going to Pot

The one-eyed Jack of this crazy deck of cards came to court. No one could ask Alexander Bradley what happened to his eye—and without jurors present, Judge Garsh told him not to breathe a word. 209 more words

A Modest Proposal of Marriage by Gronk

DATELINE: Dullard Central


Gronk, the New England Patriot Playboy of the Western World, went on TV this week to give the qualities he needed in a wife. 240 more words

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Sa-shaying with Shayanna

DATELINE: Born Yesterday

Two days on the witness stand for Sashayanna Jenkins was nothing more than a walk in the park. She looked like Tom Brady jumping off a cliff. 228 more words

Indiana: Mountain or Molehill?

DATELINE:  Indiana Grows a Mountain

Gov. Pence

We are always confusing our news stories. This week we seem more confused than usual.

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana has apparently locked himself in the cockpit and is ready to crash the state into the Alps. 239 more words

Inflatable Ghost Army



Any movie with a bad title like Ghost Army might make you pass on it. That would be a mistake. This film is a documentary about one of the most top secret military units of World War II. 239 more words

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Bewitching & Bothered: Shayanna Testifies


Shayanna showed up looking less like a floozie than usual, and she answered questions in two sessions, once with jurors and once without for Judge Garsh alone. 218 more words

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China Kicks Schools Football Up A Notch

ONE AREA IN which China is not an emerging power but wishes it was, is football. As our man among the muddied oafs has noted before, China quietly harbours ambitions of staging a FIFA World Cup. 429 more words

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