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Quote(s) of the Day IX

March has thrown up a multitude of articles on the prickly subject of free speech versus protection on US college campuses. By protection, I mean the ability to be safe from upsetting or damaging speech/conduct, in particular as it revolves around sexual dynamics, politics and identity. 191 more words

Politics, Economics And Law

Self-Sabotaging Social Systems

A bunch of interesting stuff I’ve read and heard over the past week has prompted me to discern an underlying theme—the capacity within a social system to sabotage itself even as its adherents strive to more fully implement its ideals in practice. 1,391 more words


On Political Correctness

It’s been another busy month, but there has been no shortage of good stuff to link to.

One article that has been doing the rounds is Jonathan Chait’s… 1,176 more words


Manned Obsolesence

Busy month, so unfortunately no time for a fully fleshed out post. Here is a very thought provoking video on automation and unemployment which is the subject of my bad, … 49 more words

Politics, Economics And Law