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Three For Politicians (2015)

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Dear Texas Board of Education

Dear Texas Board of Education,

Seriously? 150 years after the Civil War, you’re pulling this crap? Why are you trying to tell your students that the Civil War was about “sectionalism, states’ rights and slavery”, in that order? 135 more words

Common Sense

Trumping the PC crowd

The GOP seems ready to rip one another over the politically incorrect remarks Trump made none of the clowns will go anywhere near the problems that Trump thrust into the candidate pile. 118 more words


A decade on and we should never forget

Dear Diary.

Today is a sombre day as I, and many other, think about the events that shook the United Kingdom ten years ago.

The terrorist attacks that took the lives of so many and changed the lives of many more. 159 more words


Once Bitten, Still S'mitt'en

After studying the political tea leaves in between fits of laughter, I have seen the light. Not that light. The light on the miner’s helmet Mitt Romney is wearing as he tunnels back to political prominence. 520 more words

Gary Conkling

Selfie-Seekers test politicians' patience

“Who wants their babies kissed or their yard signs autographed anymore? This is the Selfie Election. And if you are running for president, you have no choice but to submit,” write Jeremy W. 27 more words

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