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Election Fatigue & Peppa

Now in week ? Actually who knows how many weeks this election campaign has been going. Build up starts so far in advance it is hard to know where it starts and ends. 394 more words

Comments & Debate

Attacking politicians is of no value to our political system

Funny little country that we are, it seems ever so unnatural to make heard — with anything more than a barely audible tut and an exaggerated look to the heavens — our discontent about something or, God forbid, somebody else. 1,236 more words

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....and cue the wedding march.

You might think that voters and politicians have a fractious, on – off relationship; one in which one side continually complains, ‘They’re only after one thing and when they’ve got it, you never see them again.’ The allegation is mostly, and very publicly, made by the voter against the politician but privately and very quietly, politicians – like stoic suitors – bite their lips against the keenly felt but what they believe is, an unfair claim. 681 more words

Politicians can make terrible decisions, that’s why they must be more accountable to us

During a face-to-face debate a few years back, my opponent started his offering with the old line that politics is composed of poly (meaning many) and ticks (meaning blood-sucking parasites). 841 more words

Lee Allen

Natural-Born Citizen -- Cruz versus Obama, Part 1

There are on occasions, a post very well put together not only with original source documents but with sound reasoning that supports those documents — they aren’t debating the matter as the matter has already been debated and the results established, but proving without a doubt that the matter has already been substantiated. 1,296 more words

2016 Presidential Elections

Edmonton man looks to put an end to corrupt politicians 

With the federal elections coming up quickly in October many citizens are taking the opportunity to brush up on their politics. Between the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP and about a dozen other registered parties, there are plenty of choices. 704 more words


Why I will not vote in the UK

With the upcoming general elections and the deadline to register to vote just passing, people around me are talking about the implication of young people in the politcal life of the country. 433 more words