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It is not castes that are doing the damage.

Suryakant Waghmore in his article Prejudice disguised as politeness ignores one crucial element in his analysis of the caste scenario in India.

First thing to be noted is that it is not immediately clear to anyone by looking at an individual as to what caste he/she belongs. 144 more words


Quick Fire Statements

  • I tried to digest the Readers Digest, but my brain got indigestion
  • When reading the UKIP manifesto, i thought it was satire
  • They tried to mark my essay, so i changed my name… I miss being mark…
  • 45 more words

Blog Interruptus...

I haven’t posted for some time, not that I don’t have strong thoughts on the happenings in world, but because I have been trying to tone down my comments (and blood pressure). 752 more words


Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly To Ban Advanced Placement U.S. History | ThinkProgress

I posted this once before however I think it needs to be reposted.  You can read the whole post at the link below and see all the mentions of God and religion they want included and the attempts to change history to reflect a bias towards one ethnic group..white people.   603 more words