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The tyranny of misplaced christian victimhood

India is going through major socio-economic-political flux and I am delighted to see it all unfold. Like you, I have waited for a very long time for this day. 1,086 more words


Relevance of Gandhi for our times

Gandhi’s obsession with ordinariness, with mundane things of life, with everydayness of human activity and then seeking to systematize it, clean up the act, as it were as if to foolproof it of the corrupting interventions of the outside world so that the individual thus made can function like an automaton and his firm belief that such an individual can alone redeem the world looks too self-centered and introverted. 369 more words


Can the U.S. Pivot?

With President Obama’s much hyped visit to India recently completed, it is evident that his administration’s commitment to continue their ‘Rebalancing towards Asia’ policy in an effort to contain a “rising” China. 1,744 more words


Capitalism's Domain

His white, translucent skin.
His jet black hair.
His deep hollow eyes,
That ensnarl you in his snare.
His body cloaked in shadows,
No one can yet fathom… 217 more words

Reid: No regrets for comments about Romney's taxes

David McCabe,  The Hill

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says he doesn’t regret saying in 2012 that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes. 336 more words