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Here’s one they left out of the history textbooks. A recent French film,Free Men, brought to light the remarkable true history of how Muslims gave sanctuary to French Jews in Nazi-occupied Paris during Second World War. 160 more words


Not All Men’ is a valid argument, but ‘Not All Muslims’ is inaccurate and we are shirking the responsibility and denying the fact that these people claim to be Muslims? 366 more words


A Lion Is in the Streets. Look for it.

Thanks to Adria Locke Langley’s decision to let Verity Martin tell the story of her charismatic husband’s political career, A Lion Is in the Streets… 226 more words


Judge Chides 3-year old Girl as Racist

Jesse Jackson in a Black Robe?

Supposedly when we elected a black president in 2008 it was going to bring an end to racism and usher in an era of peace, brotherhood, and understanding in post-racial America.   205 more words


This Week's Political Cartoon Dump

Obama is arming the DHS, Post Offices, and Social Security Offices with “HollowPoint Bullets” since 2012. Now, I ask you “Why is he doing this?” 315 more words

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BIG Green, a life destroying force.

Diana West in, “the Death of the Grown Up” challenges us to look accurately at the world around us and stop our delusional thinking. She focuses on a number of interesting things including, a loss of parenting, nonjudgmental multiculturalism, and politically correct self-censorship as well as today’s victim, hero reversal. 543 more words


The Death Penalty- As I Understand It

As AM radio drifts in and out of my consciousness today I can’t help hearing snippets of conversations about whether or not the Boston Marathon Bomber should get the Death Penalty. 871 more words